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Top 5 House Pests

Do you want to know which are the most common pests found around the home?

Take a look at Rentokil's list of the Top 5 Pests most commonly found in Filipino properties.

Rentokil are the experts in pest control. Our professional services protect your home and family from the wily ways of pests. For the ultimate peace of mind, find out more about our Home Protection Program, which gives you absolute protection.

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1 out of 4 Filipino homes will have termites in their lifetime. They are the most destructive pests and their damages are usually not covered by most home insurance policies


House mice are active all year, nesting in warm, quiet places. They constantly gnaw, damaging furnishings & chewing packaging to access food. Mice are known to spread disease.


Globally 50 - 100 million are infected by dengue fever yearly and around 3 out of 100 dengue infections are fatal. In the Philippines, DOH recorded 70,69 in dengue cases (Jan - Jul 23, 2016)


Cockroaches like to live in warm homes, kitchens and wall cavities. They often come out after dark, feeding on any type of food and they may carry diseases. Find out about Rentokil's cockroach control services.


Ants enter houses in search of food. Ant nests are often located on lawns, in warm, dry soil and under paving - look for finely powdered soil. Ant control services are available from Rentokil to treat ant problems.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can also be found in cracks & crevices. They feed on human blood & are difficult to control. Professional services are recommended to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

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