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Pest Control Service Cost

Pest Control Service Cost/Price is one of the most frequently asked questions, and concern for many business owners when enlisting professional solution provider to prevent or treat pest infestation from their business premise.

As there are a range of factors which contribute to the price of pest control, it’s very difficult to provide an accurate quotation for pest control solutions over the phone and online.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

This list of factors is what contributes to the overall cost of treating a pest infestation concern:

  • Type of Pest - The type of pest which is infesting a business premise/property contributes to the overall pricing of the treatment service. For exampe, the cost of eliminating flies differs from the cost of treating a rodent problem as it requires a different solutions to control each pest concern.
  • Level of Infestation - The level and extent of an infestation in the business affect the costs of the pest control service. For example, controlling a highly infested commissary with flies will take more frequent treatment and monitoring to ensure effectiveness of the tailored program, according to the business need than a low infested one.
  • Type of Treatment - The type of treatment needed to eradicate a pest problem will relate to the overall costs of the pest control service as the pricing for preventive pest control varies from the cost of corrective, reactive treatments.
  • Property/ Area Measurement - The size of a property plays an important part to calculate cost of pest control service. The larger a property, the more time will it require to successfully carry out the solution and treat the pest problem.
  • Number of Treatments - Certain types of pests may require more than one treatment for successful control. Which will also  reflect within the pricing of the pest control service.

Commercial Pest Control

The pricing of pest control solutions will differ between business industries as their needs are different from each other.

Commercial properties often require ongoing support to comply with industry regulations and auditing standards. Long term support for businesses in the form of integrated pest management program, will determine the price of the services provided.

Pest Control Inspection

To be able to provide clients with the accurate price quotation to treat a pest problem, it requires our pest expert surveyor to fully assess and inspect the property or business premise first. This is a valuable help to fully understand the pest species present, its activity and extent of the infestation.

How does Pest Control Inspection works?

  • Our professional pest control experts will contact the customer to discuss further their pest concern.
  • Will then arrange with the customer a suitable time and date to visit the premises and fully understand the extent of the pest infestation.
  • All relevant areas of the premises for signs to confirm the extent of pest activity shall be inspected by our expert surveyor.
  • Findings will be discussed after by our expert surveyor with the customer and recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment to resolve the pest problem.
  • Provide customer with an accurate quote for the recommended treatment.
  • Our experts will also offer preventative advice including proofing and hygiene.
  • Take note: Professional pest control inspection and quote are complimentary - FREE of charge.

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