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Infection Control

Pandemic outbreak or the outbreak of emerging viral diseases and the threat of re-emerging infection continues to pose global health threats. Infectious microorganisms reproduce, mutate, and even cross the species barrier between animals and humans, resulting to epidemic and pandemic. The entire world is becoming susceptible to these diseases that know no boundaries, and their impact on communities go far beyond the direct health outcomes affecting the economy and society as a whole requires a higher level of infection control. Pathogens continue to spread across regions in various common ways which include:

  • Breathing in air-borne droplets from infected person
  • Consuming food or water contaminated with the virus
  • Touching surfaces contaminated by viruses (cross contamination)

Many of the emerging pathogens of greatest concern are pathogenic viruses. How long these viruses and other pathogens last on surfaces can play a role in the disease transmission. Thereby, preventing and reducing the transmission of infectious diseases is paramount. Furthermore, infection control strategies which involves environmental cleaning and disinfection plays an integral part in preventing transmission of pathogens thereby reducing the risk of surface cross contamination. We often hear the saying "prevention is better than cure", which we couldn’t emphasize more when it comes to airborne, viral and communicable diseases which are especially riskier for those who are young, very old and have weakened immune system. There are ways to prevent you and the people you care about from these viral disease. Disinfection treatments specially designed to fight harmful pathogens.

Rentokil Disinfection Service

Our aim is to protect people from disease causing bacteria and viruses in the working environment, which is why it is imperative to respond immediately to support in preventing the spread and containing the outbreak.

Rentokil Disinfection Service is a unique service which focuses on reducing potential risk of cross contamination and infection caused by a wide range of bacteria and viruses.  As numerous microbes exist in today’s workplace especially within indoor and enclosed air-conditioned premises, subsequent contact in between contaminated items and surfaces is likely to propel cross infection through people’s interaction. Rentokil Disinfection Service provides you peace of mind slowing down the spread of the virus within your facility and eventually towards the community.

Why Do You Need Rentokil Disinfection Service?

  • Provides a hollistic approach in addressing your premise disinfection requirement
  • Disinfection Service Treatment uses highly effective solution that targets disease causing bacteria and viruses
  • Performed by continuosly trained hygiene experts
  • Proven to effectively reduce microbial load in surfaces* disinfected
  • Reduces potential risk of cross infection within premise and working environment
  • Restores hygiene levels inside your home and business premise

Check out Rentokil's Range of Disinfection Service that use solutions that are proven to achieve rapid inactivation of Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19 agent) with just 60 seconds

Where Can Viral Disease Spread?

Outbreaks of an infectious disease can happen anywhere from homes, hospitals, schools, care homes to your place of work. It can happen at any time so ensuring continuous high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of infection has never been more important.

Rentokil Disinfection Service Treatment, is an innovative treatment offers peace of mind to premises against disease causing bacteria and viruses. This disinfection service is suited to a wide range of environments to meet a variety of customer types, commercial and residential, keep you, your business, your clients and the people you care about safe. When surface microbial count is reduced, the likelihood of cross infection also decreases.


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