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Cebu Pest Control

Our Cebu pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors and specialists offer a wide range of pest prevention and removal services to ensure your home and business is protected. Our cutting-edge, sustainable solutions have a proven track record of successfully dealing with the majority of pests in the local area.

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Experienced and Highly Trained Technicians on pest biology and behavior supported by entomologists

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Trusted pest control provider by global and international brands  in the Philippines for over 55 years

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Safe, effective, sustainable pest management

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Expert pest control near you in Central Visayas

Where there are pests, there's a Rentokil office not far away to help keep them at bay.

Our Cebu office covers these areas:

  1. Cebu City
  2. Dumaguete
  3. Lapu-Lapu City
  4. Bacolod
  5. Iloilo
  6. Island of Panay
  7. Negros Occidental 
  8. Negros Oriental

We cover these pests and services: 

Termites | Rodents | Disinfection | Mosquito | Cockroach | Flies | Bedbugs

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Pest control services for your home across Cebu city

With a population of over 8 million and with high humidity and hot temperatures that make the weather at times pleasant but also tropical humid, the likelihood of a pest infestation is high. The population and the climate offers vermin like Rodents and Flies ample sources of food and safe harbourage. From mice-riddles basements, cockroach-infested kitchens to flies swarming, Rentokil has seen it all.

We understand how distressing a pest infestation can be, and its far-reaching impact to your home, health and loved ones. We offer rapid response and our local customer service team is always on hand to help.

Learn how to get rid of termites in Cebu and the most effective termite control solutions for your home and businesses from Rentokil Pest Control. Get a free termite inspection and consultation today!

Cockroaches produce an obnoxious odor that taints objects upon contact. Contact Rentokil for cockroach control to help avoid health risks.

Rodents in your home and business doesn't only pose health risks but can also damage the structure of buildings in commercial areas as well as residential locations. Know more about our rodent control today!

Commercial pest control in Cebu

Rentokil has been actively supporting Central Visayas commercial customers for over 55 years and is the pest control partner of choice for hundreds of restaurants, hotels and bars that operate in the Philippines’ economic & cultural capital and prime tourist destination in the country.

Our Cebu team works very closely with these industries, and others including the food manufacturing industry, to protect businesses and brands from the risks and damage pest infestations can cause. We support their businesses with general pest, large scale infestation removal and disinfection services with  industry-leading, innovative pest management solutions to minimize any downtime pest problems can cause.

We offer commercial customers dedicated national account management services with a single point of contact to ensure local service delivery is provided effectively, consistently, and to agreed service levels. 

Rentokil offers a range of fast response, discreet and legally compliant disinfection services to protect your business from infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.

Learn more about our holistic pest risk management that utilizes proactive control methods.

myRentokil is an online application tool available from any internet access point, providing you with instant access to a wealth of information in a time saving visual format.

Frequently asked questions

We are with you, every step of the way. If you’ve had a close encounter with a pest you cannot identify or have questions about pest treatments, contact Rentokil Cebu or search hundreds of questions from home and business owners just like you. 

How much does pest control cost in Cebu?

There are a range of factors that affect the overall cost of pest control in Cebu. These include the type of pest, size of the infestation, what treatment is required, size of the property, and number of treatments.

Is it worth getting pest control?

There are a lot of unhealthy risks associated with having pest issues in your home or business. Apart from pests damaging property, even your reputation, professional pest control is worth the investment to keep those you care about safe.

What happens at a pest control inspection?

Assessment in the facility and area of your building if there are any signs of pest infestation, spotting everything from conducive conditions to signs of new pest introduction. Having a professional pest inspection for your business premises is essential because it enables you to look out for any pest activities in your property before it goes out of hand.

How can I prevent pest infestation at home?

  •  Make sure that all food are stored in air-tight containers as pests like ants and cockroaches are attracted to food and water sources.
  • Don’t tempt pests by leaving food crumbs/ scraps on your kitchen countertop, bin and floor. Clean these every day. Also don’t leave dirty cutleries and dishes in your sink, they are a food source!
  • Keep trash in rubbish bins with fitted lids and make sure that all rubbish are discarded daily to prevent pests from being attracted to the foul odor
  • Cardboard boxes attract cockroaches and termites. Using containers made of plastic, glass and metal with tight fitting lids stops them from breeding. You can always re-use the containers afterwards.
  • Cockroaches and termites love moisture. Remember to spot and remove any stagnant water and fix leakages. Also discard empty cans, bottles that can collect water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Keep tree branches well-trimmed and away from the house as crawling pests like ants, cockroaches and snakes can crawl into the house via the branches
  • Seal any cracks and openings. Rats and other small pests can enter your house through these openings.

What time of year is best for pest control?

You might want to consider the seasonality factor and the planning ahead for best solutions.