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Sighting of cockroaches in your home or business premises can be very distressing. They are associated with filth and are known carriers of infectious diseases including salmonellosis, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid. Their droppings are also linked to trigger eczema and asthma.

Beyond health risks, cockroaches produce an obnoxious odor that taints food and objects they come into contact with. They are highly resilient and can breed rapidly. A quick response at the very first sign of an infestation is essential to control cockroaches in your property and to stop the spread of this pest to your neighbors.

Check for common signs like droppings or egg cases to see if you have a cockroaches problem

Practical steps to keep cockroaches away from your property

Rentokil’s Solution for Cockroaches

Our experienced and professionally trained service technicians enable us to deal with cockroaches as part of our Integrated Pest Management program.

We offer a call-out service to treat cockroaches or any other pest problems at your property. Our service is fast, effective and gives value for your money.

Call us at (02) 8333 5888 or 1800 10 397 3787 (Toll Free) for your business premises. Alternatively, you can contact us online to arrange a free site survey of your property and to discuss our range of effective solutions.

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Prevention Tips

Practical steps and tips on how to prevent cockroaches infesting your property