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About Rentokil Philippines

Rentokil, the experts in pest control, have stood for effective control ever since we were founded in 1965 in the Philippines and 1925 in the UK. We have been providing effective and reliable pest control to both commercial and residential customers since then and have grown to become the Philippines' largest and most trusted pest controller.

For more than 50 years Rentokil Philippines has been the forefront and a household name in Philippine Pest Control service and it is clear that we have come a long way since. 

Protecting People and Enhancing Lives is the main objective of Rentokil Initial Philippines. To protect people from the harm and danger of pest-borne diseases, armed with experienced entomologist working together with a cohesive workforce in conducting and delivering manageable services and solutions in pest problems. 

We are filled with both gratitude and pride towards our loyal customers, partners and colleagues in Rentokil Initial Philippines. We would not be here now if it were not for you. 

I speak not only for myself, but also for the entire Rentokil Initial team, when I say that we are committed to our values - ServiceRelationship and Teamwork. We are passionate in delivering excellent service to every customer. We value productive and long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers and we work together to deliver great results. 

We have successfully established ourselves as an Expert in the industry, a prominent pest control service provider in the country who will continue to set industry standards. We believe that our consistent growth and our returning customer base are direct products of over 50 years of delivering highly diverse and excellent services to customers across the residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors. 

On behalf of Rentokil Initial Philippines, I would like to thank all our customers for their trust and we look forward to be of greater service! 

Maraming Salamat po.

Best Wishes,

Ederine Gee Geneblazo

Rentokil Initial Philippines Inc

Managing Director 

Our Reputation

For us to protect your reputation, we must first ensure we do well to society and be excellent practitioners of health and safety guidelines that cover everything from health and safety on customer premises, to the fundamentals of environmental pest control, to using water wisely. We put the environment first and aim to cause the least possible impact and adhere to our corporate social responsibilities to make clear exactly where we stand.

Everyone at Rentokil, from Service Technicians out in the field to senior management in the boardroom, demonstrates a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental pest control by putting our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.

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