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Are you potentially infected by Dengue?

The Health of Ministry said by the end of January this yea, Kejadian Luar Biasa (KLB) of dengue fever were reported in 11 provinces in Indonesia. In January- February 2016 have recorded the number of patients with dengue fever in Indonesia reached 8487 people, with the number of deaths 108 people (www.depkes.go.id 7/03/2016 ). This is very worrying, especially dengue fever cases is expected will increase along with the rainy season.

Some of provinces with the highest Dengue cases: 

  • Banten
  • Sumatera Selatan 
  • Bengkulu 
  • Bali 
  • Sulawesi Selatan

It is important for home owners to be aware of the latest dengue hotspots that could be happening right in your own neighbourhood. Extra preventive measures and duly care must be taken in these areas with dengue hotspots. It is but a community effort to win our fight against the dengue and Zika virus carried and spread by the Aedes mosquito. 

Keep yourself updated here by referring to the link regularly, http://www.depkes.go.id/index.php?txtKeyword=demam+berdarah&act=search-action&pgnumber=0&charindex=&strucid=&fullcontent=&C-ALL=1&C1=1&C2=1&C3=1&C4=1&C5=1 because your home could potentially create these risks through mosquito breeding activities. 

How To Identify Aedes Moquitoes?

Did you know? Many of the mosquito breeding sites are found in residential homes such as in domestic containers, flower pot plates and trays. The local environmental authority has called for extra vigilance from homeowners.

Here are some quick tips to identify Aedes Mosquitoes in your home

Always ensure your home and family are protected from Mosquito risks by ensuring an integrated mosquito solution is in place to control both adult and breeding mosquitoes, covering both indoor and outdoor risks. Contact us through email [email protected] or call 0 800 1 333 777.

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