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Why Do Bed Bug Infestation Reoccur Even After a Treatment?

Some of you would have faced the challenge of having bed bugs in home over and over again. It is like reliving a horrible nightmare, not knowing when and how they will come back. While you may have done some DIY pest control such as using a bed bug spray, or even called up a professional pest control company in Indonesia, why do bed bug infestation reoccur even after a treatment?

  1. Bed bugs are small and very tiny. An adult female bed bug is only approx. 5 to 6mm in length! This makes finding and locating them difficult. The elimination process could be not thorough enough, leaving behind bed bug eggs. Particularly at hard to reach spaces or blind spots in your home, it makes it almost impossible to spot them all, and these left-over traces might reproduce and manifest over time.
  2. Bed bug is a cross infestation pest. Regular travelling increases your risk of bed bugs when these ‘hitchhikers’ are easily transported through clothing and suitcases. From people to people, location to location, the risk of passing on these bugs to your home may be high.
  3. Ineffective DIY pest control such as using a bed bug spray or off-the-shelve deterrent sachets does not help in eliminating bed bugs easily. Many of these bugs are not killed and it is not a solution to resolve root source of the problem. Find out more about 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Your Own Pest Control.
  4. Treatment frequencies, coverage area, chemical contribution and quality will also impact the efficacy and effectiveness of controlling bed bug challenge. For instance, bed bug treatment is best recommended to carry 3 times with follow up inspections. To ensure both adult and eggs are eliminated, both residual spray and steam treatment is recommended. While some treatments appear to be very affordable, we should also be mindful on the quality of chemical used should not compromise over efficacy.
  5. Lack of understanding on bed bug facts. For example, typical bed bug hiding places, blind spots, hidden cracks and crevices may go untreated. Most of us tend to rely on visible signs and tangibility to establish potential infestation. However, bed bugs usually surface at night when we are asleep to feed on human blood.

Not sure if your home already has presence of bed bugs? Our team of specialists can help to perform a complimentary home inspection and enhanced bed bug solutions may be recommended. Request today online for your home bed bug inspection with Rentokil Indonesia.