Mystery Revealed: What Causes Those Tiny Holes in Your Shirt?

You go into your wardrobe or dresser to take out of your favorite shirt and find it has tiny holes. It must be very annoying to have random tiny holes that showing up.

Sounds like there are a lot of people with this problem too! Here are some culprits that could be damaging your favourite shirt!

Wooly and Fur a Favorite Warm Shelter

The carpet beetles breed in warmer environment, and are attracted to materials such as fur, wool and feathers. Typically found on clothing, these pests may travel around your home and remain on items that are made of fabric. Hence, furniture, carpet, cushions, blankets, mattresses, pillows or knitted home items are not spared as well. Because they are tiny and may go into hiding at the tiniest spaces such as cracks and crevices, the infestation may turn serious with their reproduction cycle.

Help: As these bugs tend to enjoy dark and undisturbed environment, start to identify possible signs of pest activities and check if your fabric home items are already damaged or infested with carpet beetles.

Daily Wear Made of Cotton or Silk at Risk

Notice holes and yellow stains in your clothing? They could be a result of silverfish feeding on the fabric, which they are attracted to, including silk, cotton and rayon. As they are light in colour and active at night, we may miss them easily. In fact, they also feed on baking ingredients such as starch, protein, sugar, flour and cereal. Do ensure these food source is keep out of reach and well-sealed and stored in your kitchen. Glue and sticky book pastes are not spared as well! Magazines, books and journals may be at risk of damage and a root cause of silverfish infestation.

Help: Remember to keep your home moisture free, well ventilated and regularly vacuumed particularly in areas such as kitchen, laundry area and storage spaces as these bugs like damp and moist environment. Seek professional help as these pests may destroy not just homes, but affecting food consumption safety of the family.

Tip: Moisture is a big culprit in attracting various pests as it is a common food source for damaging pests such as termites and ants. Find out the difference between both pests and seek inspection help if your home is a victim to termite infestation.

Winter and Leather Wear a Top Choice

Usual winter wear such as cashmere and wooly jackets and cardigans are a favorite apparel choice for cloth moths​​​​​​​. Warm and cozy in the closet or wardrobe, these pests like dark environment and seeks fiber such as fur, wool, leather and feathers. Most of the time, these bugs will go unnoticed, firstly, because they are usually hiding in your closet, but also because the larvae create feeding tunnels or produces portable cases that often takes on the same colour of the material.

Help: Besides ensuring these winter wear is kept clean, proper storage in vacuumed-sealed bags or containers, and well-ventilated closets to avoid moisture.

Help is just a call away. Let our specialist help manage these worries and hassles for you!