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Daytime Pests: What are they?

Have you ever wonder why you are always encountering the same pests at your home when you wake up or doing your personal activities in the daytime? Find out which pests that actually will disturb your activities in the daytime below here!


Do you realize you always get bitten by mosquitoes in the daytime, especially in the morning? Yes, Aedes mosquitoes (that causes Dengue Fever) are most active in the early hours. Because of the warmer sunlight weather, we perspire more as we get physically active and body heat, sweat, carbon dioxide and lactic acid are mosquitoes’ attractants.

Protect yourself from mosquito bites if you’re out in the garden doing your daily exercises or morning stroll. But wait, does this mean you are safe from mosquitoes at night? The answer is no. Culex mosquitoes are the other mosquito species that will attack you from dusk to night. As they may fly in to your home through open windows, balcony and any possible openings, it is important to protect yourself and your family from Malaria risk by installing indoor mosquito traps.

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Fly species including houseflies and fruit flies are attracted to bright lights for navigation purposes which explain why they are always present or active in the daytime or hovering at well-lighted places such as homes or eating places.

The reason why we tend to notice them a lot in eateries is because they feed on decaying or rotting matters such as fruits or vegetables that gone stale, filth, undisposed trash and garbage or presence of sugary stuff that may be widely used in food preparation or consumption. 

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Who doesn’t get annoyed by ants? Sweet and sugary food like your cakes, candies and greasy stuff like fried food and oily snacks are sugar ants favorite meal. They are typically active in the daytime (although they do surface at night as well). The frustration is to bear living with troops of ants invading your living room or kitchen, and the single line of streaming ants on your wall, table or kitchen top.

Ants leave a scent behind as they walk, called the pheromone – and that’s why you always found ants walking in a single line. Always keep the place clean by mopping your floor and wiping your counter tops to remove traces of scents, causing a derailing effect. 

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