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Lots of Cockroaches in the House—What Sign?

Finding a lot of cockroaches out of their nests and wandering around the home is certainly not fun to see. But what do many people ask about “lots of cockroaches in the house—what sign?” It still seems to be a mystery to this day.

This is especially true when you are still able to see the sudden appearance of a small cockroach, even if you have a fairly clean home.In this article, we will briefly discuss what causes many cockroaches at home and how to remove these irritating cockroaches for the long term.

What attracts cockroaches?

Cockroaches are known as nasty insects that are closely linked to dirty and unhygienic things. So it’s no surprise that many people think that dirty homes are easier to invite cockroaches into than clean ones.

However, that doesn’t mean finding one or two small cockroaches wandering around the house means your home is dirty or unhygienic.

Because, in fact, even if you have kept it clean and have routine maintenance at home, it cannot be guaranteed that your home is free of cockroaches.

So what is the cause of so many cockroaches coming out of homes?

Just like other common pests in the home, cockroaches also need some basics to survive, such as food sources, water or moisture, and shelter.

So it can be concluded that the meaning of many cockroaches in the home indicates the basic needs of cockroaches that they can find in your home, for example:

  1. Availability of cockroaches’ food sources
  2. There are enough water and moisture sources that cockroaches need
  3. There is a place for nesting and breeding cockroaches

By knowing what cockroaches need to survive, you will now know exactly what you can do to make your home unattractive to them.

1. Availability of cockroaches’ food sources

Do you know if a cockroach eats anything available to them?

Yes, what you read above is true. Cockroaches are omnivores and are considered opportunistic eaters. This means they will eat almost everything that is available to them.

Cockroaches are known for not making a choice when it comes to food. They like the food that people eat, as well as things we don’t even consider food like paper, glue, plastic, and even animal waste.

Seeing the above cockroaches’ food, it doesn’t seem difficult for them to be able to find food sources in both clean and dirty houses, right?

Where can cockroaches be found in the home?

Cockroaches can easily be found in many places in your home. However, the kitchen is the easiest place to ‘provide’ food for cockroaches. This is because the kitchen is where we store and prepare our daily meals.

Cockroaches in the kitchen often make use of food sources derived from oil and grease deposits that stick around the hob or kitchen wall.

Used dirty dishes that are not immediately washed and stacked in the sink, as well as food on the uncovered kitchen counter, are also more than enough to pull the little cockroaches in for a meal.

In addition, cockroaches often find food sources in crumbs on living room carpets and sugary drinks spilled on the floor in dining areas.

Although each type of cockroach has different food preferences, the most preferred foods are those that contain sugar, meat, and starch.

Read more about what American and German cockroaches like in your home here

2. There are enough water and moisture sources that cockroaches need

Cockroaches need enough water and moisture to survive.

A cockroach is a cold-blooded animal. This means they may not eat for long periods of time, but they cannot survive more than a week without water.

So if you can see a lot of cockroaches coming out all of a sudden, this is a key signal that they have found enough water and moisture in your home.

Because no matter whether your home is clean or dirty, cockroaches can always find the source of water and excess moisture available in your home without too much trouble.

How do cockroaches find water and moisture sources at home?

Any source of water inside or around the home has the potential to be attractive to cockroaches, even in small amounts.

This is why when cockroaches are in their homes, they prefer to go to the most humid places with easy access to water sources, such as bathrooms and laundry areas or wash areas.

Cockroaches in the bathroom

Cockroaches are often found hiding in bathroom cabinets with water leakage. It’s not uncommon to see them crawling off the water drains at sinks or shower areas.

In addition to providing access for cockroaches into your home, the drainage system does more than just provide them with enough water and moisture. Dirty drainage systems can also provide organic food sources such as hair, scale, and dead skin cells for cockroaches.

Cockroaches in the laundry area

Cockroaches are often seen looking for a source of water and moisture on the back of a washing machine or dryer. They also like to be found in the wash water drain that goes to the ground or floor near the washing machine.

Furthermore, some water problems in the home, such as leaking pipes and standing water originating from leaking tap water, do not escape the area of various types of cockroaches when searching for sources of water and moisture.

3. There is a place for nesting and breeding cockroaches

Cockroaches are known as nocturnal animals. This means they generally choose to hide during the day and will only come out of the nest to find dinner at night. However, it is possible to have a lot of cockroaches during the day, especially if you have a quite serious cockroach problem at home.

When choosing a nest inside the home, cockroaches prefer to head to places that are warm, dark, moist, and close to food, water, or moisture sources.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether your home is clean or not, cockroaches are smart enough to always find plenty of places that are ideal enough to hide near food and water sources.

Where is the cockroach nest in the house?

Cockroaches have flat bodies that allow them to sneak into many places in the house to build nests.

Cockroach nests in the home are commonly found in warm, humid places with poor or minimal ventilation systems, such as warehouses, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Cockroach nests in warehouses: Cockroaches often nest and hide in piles of scraps, piles of books or magazines, and between boxes.

Cockroach nests in the kitchen: While in the kitchen, you’ll often find them hiding in the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, and under or behind the refrigerator and stove.

Cockroach nests in the bathroom: The bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in your home. This is why you see a lot of cockroaches come out of the bathroom when compared to other rooms.

Hideaways or cockroach nests in bathrooms are generally located in places such as cabinets under sinks (especially those full of toiletries), glass cabinets, water drains in the floor, and near water heaters.

How to remove cockroaches and prevent them from entering the house?

A way to remove cockroaches and prevent them from entering your home is to remove all access they use to find food sources, water, and shelter inside your home.

The following are some tips that Rentokil recommends to help you remove and prevent cockroaches from coming out of your home to fulfil their needs:

Removing cockroaches food sources

  • Clean up leftover food on dining table or kitchen surfaces immediately
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes and used cookware in the kitchen sink all day
  • Clean the hob and cookware immediately after use
  • Store all food in airtight containers
  • Rinse cans, bottles, and plastics before disposal
  • Regularly sweep and mop the house floor
  • Empty the trash every day

Remove water and moisture sources for cockroaches

  • Close any gaps or cracks around damaged or leaking pipes
  • Prevent clogging of the water drain by cleaning it regularly
  • Replace leaking water taps to avoid potential puddles
  • Ensure all rooms are well ventilated to reduce moisture, for example, by using exhaust fans

Remove cockroach hideaways

  • Clean up every item in the house and do regular cleaning where there are many items stored in the room, such as a warehouse or car garage
  • Discard used items that often accumulate inside the home, such as boxes, newspapers, and used magazines
  • Close all gaps and cracks in the walls around the house that are often hideaways or cockroach nests

How to remove the most powerful cockroaches at home

Finding one or two small cockroaches at home can be quite annoying, especially if you have to deal with more cockroaches coming out and wandering around the house. It would definitely be a lot more annoying, right?

Some of the above precautions can certainly help you keep cockroaches away from your home, especially if the level of cockroach problems at home is relatively low. However, if the cockroach problem gets worse in your home, it’s a good time to call a professional cockroach remover near you immediately.

a man kills roaches

As the best cockroach removal service in Indonesia, Rentokil provides cockroach control services tailored to your needs. Our certified and experienced technicians will provide safe, fast, and effective service for your cockroach problems over the long term.

Don’t wait for more cockroaches to come out and nest in your home. Contact Rentokil at 150808 or fill out our online form for a free survey today.

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