What Attracts Ants or Cockroach in a Kitchen?

Fighting with pest invasion at home is not only an annoying experience but yet causing great frustrations to most homeowners.

There are at least 2 types of common household pest infestation which become unexpected guests in every home in Indonesia, usually around the kitchen’s area. Which are they? They are ants and cockroaches.

In the food and beverage industry like food processing facilities or restaurant, both ant or cockroach infestation are constantly scavenging for food and causing a major challenge for management to control their presence. Although these types of pests are more associated to food and beverage industry, yet their presence can’t rule out the possibility to be seen in your home, especially in the area where they can easily find food source.

Your home’s kitchen or pantry is the place where we store, cook and eat our food, and this is the main reason why pests such as ants and cockroaches often take up refuge in your kitchen to find their source of food.

Cockroach are one of the filthy pests out there, it is because they are always associated with dirty environments as well as disease-spreading by carry pathogens that can induce disease, such as Salmonella infection. Cockroaches are nocturnal animal (active at night) and eat whatever is available to them! Cockroach can eat any kind of food from raw food, food crumbs to fresh food which intended for human to eat (like fruits, starches or meat). American Cockroach is largely the most common cockroach species which its infestation is most commonly found in home kitchen in Indonesia. They are often found foraging under your kitchen appliances, such as in drains and kitchen cabinets.

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On other hand, ants are social insects that live in colonies. Though generally ants are harmless to humans, yet ant infestation can frustrate homeowners and the challenge in controlling the ant trials around your home in search for food. As the name suggest, sugar ants is one of the ant species that commonly invades your home kitchen to find sweet foods, such sugar or syrup paste.

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Both ants and cockroach will invade your kitchen if you have sanitation and housekeeping issues. So what do you do if you find them in your kitchen? Learn more on how to keep your kitchen ants and cockroach free:

  • Clean your kitchen regularly and keep it clean at all times
  • Store your food in food safe containers with locking lids or plastic bags to stop the movement of these pests approaching to your food
  • Always keep your kitchen sink clean and dry because moisture attracts pests
  • Give them no chance to enter your kitchen area by sealing up any cracks, crevices and holes (remember either ants and cockroach are small and able to squeeze between the gaps)
  • If you find problem a persistent one, call the professional experts to help to an inspection and detection to identify root source.

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