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The Nighttime Pests: Have You Seen Them?

Ever notice when you are back at home from work, and while engaging in fun activities with your family, you see a tiny cockroach running across your floor or gliding from a cabinet or shelves?

Was it a coincidence that they are always present at night? The answer is NO!

Why do cockroaches come out at night?

Cockroaches are inactive in the daytime and only source for their food meal at night as nocturnal pests. Besides spending most of their day time resting, they especially like dark and warm places and tend to avoid light.

Cracks and crevices are their common hideout due to the dark tight spaces that makes them feel secure and comfortable, without getting noticed. This is also one common nesting and breeding spot, so be sure to remove them to avoid reproduction to adult cockroaches.

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Danger: Labeled as the filthy pests, besides causing food contamination or poisoning incidents – cockroaches are also connected with respiratory diseases such as Asthma! 

Alert: If you are seeing cockroaches in the day time, it might mean your home is having some serious cockroach infestation. Do seek a proper cockroach control treatment as soon as possible.

Is that sound of rats in attic at night?

Rats are another common nocturnal pest that we all hate! Active at night for their food hunt and not often also disturb you with their scratching noises in the attic. Practically, rats are very challenging to find in the day time – unless we take notice of their “evidence” left behind, such as their droppings, scratch or smear marks and holes or burrows are some considered as signs of rat infestation we can rely on.

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Danger: Rats are very smart, agile and able to hide at spaces that are beyond our visibility or squeeze in a gap that is beyond our reach. This made inspection and detection a lot more challenging. 

Alert: It is possible to spot a live running rat in the day time, for reasons including sourcing for their food, their nests or burrows have been disturbed or the place has a serious infestation problem.

How do I get bed bug bites at night?

Bed bugs are also nocturnal and prefer dark environments – thus finding bed bugs crawling on your bed frame at night is not impossible! They typically come out at night to get their blood meal by biting on your exposed skin while you are asleep. This also explains why you notice a line or group of red itchy bumps the next morning.

Of course, another obvious reason is because these tiny bugs that are just the size of an apple seed, unless we are trained to identify typical hiding spots, we may miss out finding them especially at tiny cracks and crevices or along edges or corners that tends to be a blind spot.

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Danger: If bed bug infestation gets out of control, these tiny bugs could actually cause some health dangers. Remember: can’t see these bugs don’t mean your home is bug-free!

Alert: Bed bugs are excellent in hitchhiking, and may easily transfer and spread to other parts of your room or home easily and quickly. If you see presence of red blood spots or thin pale skin sheds on your bed, chances are your home has been infested with bugs and require removal of infested home furniture, a thorough cleaning and proper bed bug treatment. This is because, an egg requires around 6 to 10 days hatching and maturing into full adult in 5 to 7 weeks.

Have you seen these pests above at night? Contact us for more advice on how to prevent these nighttime pests invading your home.