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How Do You Stop a Rat Problem in House?

Rats could enter homes through cracks and holes found in walls, floors and foundations. Due to their body shape, rats are capable of fitting through 1cm holes. Rats can also enter the home through gaps in windows or ceiling. Commonly homeowners not recognize its appearance until the signs of rats is obviously appearing at home, including:

  • The presence of damage materials (i.e ripped food packaging or electricity wire)
  • Large holes in floorboards and walls
  • Rat droppings and footprints

Generally, sexual maturity ranges between 5 and 8 weeks. Female mice reproduce up to 8 times in their lifespan, with averaging 4 to 7 pups. Therefore, a single female may produce up to 56 offspring annually. But even small populations of can cause considerable damage, or even worst, your family’s meals could be contaminated with rats dropping, urine and saliva.

So it is important to recognize its infestation and simultaneously getting rid of rats as early as possible, since rats could spread diseases to human and animal through its dropping and urine.

Follow these 4 simple steps on how do you stop a rat problem in house:

  • Finding all cracks, openings and holes and seal them proofs (e.g. cement or plaster)
  • All doors and windows have to close properly. If possible, install nets on your window vents
  • Store foods in glass or metal containers with air-tight lids
  • Dispose of all food waste as soon as possible. And make sure that all trash bins are covered properly

Rat infestation grows rapidly and proves extremely difficult to exterminate. Homeowners may resort to DIY measures by capturing or killing rats through the use of rat traps. Often, homeowners incorrectly place traps, making them ineffective, and they can also present a risk to children or pets if they have access to the trap.

Preventing rats infestations can help reduce unnecessary hassles. Contact the reliable rat pest control service today for an inspection & consultation to the most effective rat control.

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