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How to Get Rid of Flies in the Restaurant?

House fly or also known as Musca domestica is known as one of fly species which usually harbor to more than 100 different pathogenic organisms. Besides being known as a nuisance pest, flies are more importantly known as disease-transmission flying insects.  Some examples of disease pathogen include Salmonellosis, polio, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. They are general feeders by nature and are attracted to wide variety of substances from excrement to human food. They are also attracted to buildings via odor and air current, or warm and moist material with sufficient food for larval development (for egg laying purposes).

A house fly infestation in your F&B business can prove to be damaging for your reputation. Learn how to get rid of flies with an effective fly control and fly trap solution. Don’t let a fly infestation ruin the appetite for your diners.

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The other common species, Fruit fly also known as Drosophila species, are attracted to fresh fruits and vegetables and animal excrement. Attracted to light, they source for alternative sites such as soil mop and broom heads, fruit placed under table or cabinet, or left out in a bowl or dish water or mop water full of food particles provides ideal breeding sites.

These conditions are typically common in a restaurant, whereby food preparation, food wastage and disposal, decayed food, choked drains or grease traps and soiled cleaning tools takes place on a daily basis. Because these flies’ night resting places are usually near to their daytime food sources, this increases the risks of flies’ infestation in a kitchen or food serving area in a restaurant.

Professional fly control using fly trap is imperative to get a fly infestation under control. Know more on how to get rid of flies with practical tips.

Do you know? A fruit fly life cycle competes in 8 to 10 days. This makes big reproductive risks impact. An adult house fly typically lives 15 to 25 days.

According to the National Environment Agency Food Establishment Licenses and Regulations, restaurants are subjected to penalty ranging from demerit points to financial penalty or even business closure.  There are also numerous cases of reported food poisoning and placing diners at health risks. Medical reimbursement or dispute might arise if condition turns serious.

As a food business operator, it is important to eliminate source of potential larval development, perform diligent housekeeping, identify root source and ensure control measures are in place to create adequate protection and safety to your diners.

In most F&B businesses with a zero-tolerance policy, it is important to have a professional fly control in place with business owners and staff taking the due diligence in maintaining housekeeping efforts. Knowing how to get rid of flies and keeping a fly infestation under control are vital for a business dealing with food.  A fly trap such as an insect light trap is able to reduce a flying insect population fast and effective using a UV light technology. The compact size fly trap is easy to maintain and specially-angled for optimal catch rate.

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