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Effective Fly Control by Utilizing UV Light

The sky darkens and the lights come out to glow in the distance. If you ever notice, at certain time of the day, particularly at night, you would see flies hovering around the lights. Why are flies attracted to lights?

Flies and moths are more commonly seen hovering near lights as they are attracted to lights. Scientifically known as positive phototaxis, these pests have positive response to lights. Is this probably the reason why all fly catcher units emit UV light? And is UV light the best way to trap flies? Let’s explore more!

In fact, mosquitoes are another example of pests attracted to lights. Why are these flying pests, especially flies, most attracted to lights? The more commonly believed theory is that flies utilize lights as their source of navigation and direction purpose.

How does this impact on our everyday life then? With increased usage and many changing out their old lights to the more energy efficient LED lights, more households and businesses are quick to adapt to this lightings trend.    

Well, do you know that flies and bugs actually like these LED lights a lot? The intense beams of UV-A from LED lights attract pests particularly the house fly as their eyes are sensitive to light at that wavelength.   

By using the same theory to fly control, this is the reason why all fly catcher units have UV light!

The type of lights and spectrum matter as well when comes to pests’ attraction; for example, attraction level of UV blue light is higher.  Hence, there are flying insect control units designed to attract and trap flies effectively.

There are some instances where people would attempt to repel these pests by using more yellow, orange and red tone lights. It is important to know repelling and deterring pests are short term quick solution; however, these methods do not resolve the root cause of these recurring pests.

While it seems like using UV light is still the best way to trap flies, an effective fly control requires close monitor, tracking and analysis of fly catch rate and trending activities. Nonetheless, fly trap must be regularly serviced for maintenance.

The Luminos Pro 1 is the newest innovative solution from Rentokil for an effective fly trap. Luminos Pro 1 utilizes 36W UV lamp for quality attraction and have the effective catch rate with a 40m2 coverage, which is perfect for F&B or SME business in Indonesia to control fly infestation effectively.

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