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The 5 Most Hated Household Pests: Which You Hate Most?

We all agree that pests are annoying menace because of its creepy nature and harmful risks they are imposing on us. Many homeowners deal with this pest problem and end up with frustration because they not able to remove its anxious presence and even more, because of its recurring problem always haunt homeowners. Let’s recap why are these pests commonly detested by us!

1. Cockroaches


Most people tend to describe cockroaches as filthy disgusting pests that often found crawl in dirty areas, such trash bin or overnight dirty dishes in sink. Other than that, what makes you have to hate them?

  • Similar to rodents, cockroaches are known to transmit the Salmonella. We relate cockroaches with food contamination and poisoning instantly, and will link the cleanliness of the home with any presence of cockroach seen.
  • Because of its gliding nature from the top to bottom surfaces, they are easily mistaken for ability to fly, that makes smacking of these pests much more challenging.

Warning: Cockroaches love what we cook and eat home. A huge cook out at home actually stains the kitchen walls with grease and oil. These attract cockroaches as they feed on anything even on these grease and oil stains! Find out tips & tricks on how to eradicate cockroaches at home here

2. Lizards


Actually lizards are known as organic pest controllers – since they feed on flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. But what makes you have to hate them?

  • Although they are not harmful but its slimy nature irks people!
  • Their croaking sounds at night simply irritates us – but more importantly, it is an indication that a lizard is somewhere around us!

Warning: Lizard tails may drop off during the process of eradicating them by DIY means! Save the hassle and help your family members who are so afraid of lizards by getting proper lizard control.

3. Bed bugs

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat and its presence are uneasy to be detected by human eyes. Other than that, below are the other reasons what makes you have to hate them?

  • Bed bugs are active at night and usually bite us when we are asleep, thus bed bugs bites are painless or will not be directly felt by you.
  • Bed bugs mate, breed and multiply within the home. They can survive in cold temperatures and an excellent hider!

Warning: Living in a bed bug infested household can be very stressful and frustrating! Reduce your stress, any further unnecessary expenses or rounds of replacements by resolving your bed bug horror stories by the professional help from bed bugs pest control.

4. Mosquitoes


Believe it or not - in a tropical country like Indonesia, it is not impossible if we always get bitten by dozen of mosquitoes at home in daily basis. However, you should be more aware if mosquitoes bites can’t be underestimate. Mosquitoes known as the deadliest and the smallest animal in the world that transmits deadly disease such Zika and Dengue. Other than that, what makes you have to hate them?

  • Mosquitoes presence is not just an outdoor problem, due to its flying nature and all possible entry points to our home, indoors are not safe either.
  • In a tropic and humid temperature like in Indonesia, the peak of mosquito activity normally falls into the summers when high temperatures fasten the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes.

Warning: While it helps to prevent ourselves from getting bitten by buying all sorts of repellent sprays or staying indoors, we are still exposing ourselves to mosquito risks. Protect your family safety by adopting integrated mosquito control, not forgetting the breeding sources as well!

5. Ants


Are you one of those who try to press down and kill any ants that come close to you? Only to realise pressing one after another, there is just too many ants to deal with. What other reasons for us to hate them?

  • Ants ambush us in long trial troops that scatter everywhere. For some, who relies on short term DIY methods to stop ant troops walking in line, unfortunately this way is only a temporary solution and will not last forever.
  • Ants has strong survival instincts; ant colonies can be very difficult to control once they roaming inside your home!

Warning: Some actions in fact make things worse. For instance, DIY sprays from off the shelve not necessary works for all pest problems, such as the Pharaoh Ants! Ants control  is just a call away! Who knows, you may be having termite issue instead of ants, as they are just too similar in outlook, habits and risks damages caused. How to differentiate between ants and termites?

Thus, which common household pest above you hate most?