4 bad habits that can attract pests into your home

There must be reasons why pests come in droves to your home. Why so? Just like a human, pests require 3 basic needs to survive, this includes food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, all those three basic needs are very easy to find in your home.

But then the question is did you provide all of these basic needs for them in your home? Try to think carefully once again!

Not often some trivial things you do or even ignore at home are the main reasons why many pests are coming to your home. Check out the list of common bad habits that actually can attract pests into your home below! 

1. Leaving dirty dishes piled on the kitchen sink overnight

Image of messy kitchen

For the night-kitchen lovers, beware of this bad habit! Leaving dirty dishes piled on the kitchen sink is certainly not a good habit. So, you should stop that habit right now.

Household pests such as cockroaches and ants are very likely to enjoy the leftovers such as oil, fat, and sugar which remain attached to the cooking and eating utensils that you ignored in the sink basin overnight.

Prevention tips:

  • Immediately wash all the used cooking and eating utensils.
  • Place the dried and/or clean cooking and eating utensils in the infiltrated place such as kitchen cabinets or cupboard – to limit the access of cockroaches that might be able to crawl on it.

2. Letting your trash bin full and not well-covered

Not well covered trash bin

Not only is the root cause of the presence of an unpleasant odor but leaving your trash bin full and not covered also invites a few household pests to come right away.

Flies like to perch in dirty, foul-smelling places like trash bins. Not only bothering you, its presence at home will also threaten you and your family’s health. Their feet will carry several bacteria and pathogens that they gain from the trash bin, and then fly to contaminate your ready-to-eat food.

Besides finding fly infestation, cockroach problems will be another issue that will arise from your bad habits. Cockroaches eat whatever they find with no exception such as the rotten food scraps found in your overflowing trash bin.

Prevention tips:

  • Do not let your trash bin overflow to allow you to close the bin tightly.
  • Dump all of your garbage from inside the house to the trash bin outside the house in a routine manner.

3. Hanging your dirty clothes on the bedroom door for days

At a glance, it seems nothing wrong with this bad habit. However, this habit can invite mosquitoes to settle into your bedroom!

Do you know if mosquitoes like to rest in your dirty clothes that hang on your bedroom door? This is because mosquitoes like the smell of human sweat from the dirty clothes you hang.

Prevention tips:

  • Avoid the habit of hanging dirty clothes or wet towels because this will invite more mosquitoes to languish in your bedroom.
  • Mosquitoes also like to rest in a pile of clean clothes in the laundry basket. Immediately put the clean clothes in the closet without having to postpone it for several days.

4. Stacking up unused goods at home

Gambar tumpukan kardus

Not only piling up dust will harm your and your family's health, but stacking up used items like old newspapers or magazines only will add a new problem: it provides a good hiding place for pests like cockroaches.

Cockroaches are like to hide among the unused goods you used to stack. The sidelines between these junk produce their moisture which makes it a very convenient place for cockroaches to hide and breed.

Prevention tips:

  • Throw away secondhand goods that are no longer used in your home immediately.
  • If you still want to keep those secondhand items at home – for the sake of keeping your memorabilia, keep them in tightly sealed containers or boxes to limit and prevent cockroaches from hiding inside.

For your peace of mind and to be completely safe, contact an expert at Rentokil to effectively and safely control any pest problems you might have in your home today.

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