Answer To Your Pest Control Questions

What kind of thoughts and questions comes in your mind, when you need to have a professional pest control service help to you?

Below are few of many things that people are commonly puzzled about pest control services.

Does pest control services are only meant for businesses?

Many people tend to interpret pest control service only meant for big coverage area and complex environment such as in business-to-business (B2B) nature, like industrial plantfood processing and logistics.

In some cases, many home residents feel its overly exaggerated to apply the same comprehensive quality standards in a residential home, that has smaller coverage or less complexities in the environment.

Truth: An infestation that gets out of control may turn into a serious epidemic that can be detrimental, causing impact to the health and safety of the family, and even structural and physical damage, such as weakened structure, damaged panels, presence of droppings and stains.

Even in a residential home, a bed bug infestation can turn into a nightmare for the family when it starts to invade and spread from room to room and object to object. Bed bug is a tricky pest to eliminate and most negative experiences are related to unresolved bed bug elimination.

Does pest control services are only applicable for unusual pests?

Common household pests such as antscockroaches or even mosquitoes are perceived as manageable pests that can be controlled with off-the-shelve sprays and a more straightforward pest to eliminate as compared to trickier pests that pose more danger such as snakes, bees, birds or even wildlife such as monkeys and boars.

Truth: Just because it looks harmless and smallish, often people don’t realize if common household pests such as ants, cockroaches or even mosquitoes may also pose a danger and threaten their health and safety.

For example, not resolving the root cause of the problem can in fact worsen the infestation that was originally low but allowing harborage to grow. As most of us would turn to quick fix by removing only the visible traces of pests, such as contact kill approach using spray, in some cases especially for Pharaoh Ants, this in fact make things worse by breaking up the colony.

Does calling professional pest control services means spending a lot of money?

Many people think that engaging with professional pest control service to get rid of unwanted pest in home and/or business premises would require a very expensive costs.

Therefore, many people tend to override the option to call professional pest control company and prefer to solve their own pests problem through DIY solution, starting from embracing homemade pest control remedies to buying home pest control products from local home store.

Truth: While it is true additional costs are weave in to cover labour, time and transportation costs. Yet, a credible pest control business with reputable size and capacity are able to leverage on its volume, density and productivity to translate cost savings back to customers. This means designing adequate pest control to address targeted problem at an affordable rate.

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