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What is a Good Pest Control?

With many available options of pest control companies in Indonesia, choosing the right pest control company in Indonesia can be an uphill task. What exactly makes a good pest control and how do you find one in Indonesia that is trusty, reliable and responsive?

Pest control in Indonesia often tells you that they have the cheapest rates in town yet do you know what carries along with that cheap quotation you’ve just received for your termites, cockroach or ants control?

A good pest control will have some, if not all of these key criteria:

Technical Certifications

Make sure the pest control service you have hired is carried out by The Ministry of Health of the Republic Indonesia as certified pest management professionals whom have gone through the technical training program. Any service carried out by unlicensed vendors or individual is dangerous especially when pest chemicals and working with heights are involved.

Professional Site Survey

A good pest control will also have its pest specialists visiting the residential or business premise involved to assess the site. As proper pest identification and size of the premise are gauged to recommend appropriate treatment.

Experienced Pest Knowledge

Understanding of pest behavior is crucial as this helps to identify pest vulnerabilities and to make sound recommendations that minimize risk of pest infestation. A good pest control company should has its in-house field biologists and entomologists- experts who study pests, to make sure the pest control methods employed are correct and appropriate. Having the years of experienced pest knowledge is vital. Pest control companies also share educational materials or programs available to help manage awareness level better for partners.

Solving Root Source of Infestation

Besides providing the solution to control pests, a good pest control is able to identify the root source of infestation such as an ant’s nest, mosquito breeding grounds, rat burrows and bed bugs nesting deep in furniture. External environments such as rotting wood and logs which invite pests such as termites to come in must be considered as well.

A good pest controller will also highlight the key risk areas and that any place with food, water and shelter enable pests to survive. Therefore housekeeping measures must be in place.

Innovations & Technologies

A good pest control company is always continually in the search for better treatments and control methods. Innovations with new technology and be updated with the latest solutions should be seen highly encouraged in the business environment.

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