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5 Useful Tips If You Encounter a Snake

Regardless of the type of snakes you encounter, first thing first on your mind is to remain calm and do not panic. While snake behavior is obviously not 100% predictable, yet what can you do to minimize risks of snake bites? Relax! By taking several basic of useful snake safety tips, you will keep yourself safe as well as give yourself peace of mind!

  1. Do not attempt to handle or remove the snake on your own by attacking or confronting them. Instead, take note where are they heading to if they are not stationery, so you can call professional help to remove it.
  2. Protect your family, pets, elderly and the young by evacuating them from the scene and ensure they are well kept away. Keep any possible entries closed till it is safe.
  3. Evacuate immediately and get professional help if they are trapped or hiding at hide to reach or tight spaces where there is no room for the snake to escape or slip away such as behind or inside a cupboard or shelves, or any furniture such as sofa.
  4. Try not to engage sudden movements that might startle or trigger the snake alert and give them space. Most of the time, they are not meant to attack you, might flee or move away if they come into contact with human beings. Move away slowly in the opposite direction.
  5. Seek medical attention if the event of a snake bites. Do not attempt to self-treat or address the wound, but keep the person calm and still while waiting for medical help. It is helpful to take note and remember the appearance of the snake, to help identify snake species and treat any possible poisoning risk.

If you have any concerns signs of snake infestation or you potentially live in a hot spot or key risk area, our specialist and experts are just a call away at 150808 or drop us a quick online form.

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