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5 Places Cockroaches Like to Hide

Knowing where cockroaches like to hide can help you effectively control them in your home.


Cockroaches are one of the common types of pests that are classified as nocturnal animals. This is the reason why cockroaches come out at night, and it is very rare to see them wandering during the day.

During the day, the cockroaches will spend more time hiding and breeding in dark, warm, and humid places. Meanwhile, at night, the cockroaches will leave their hideaway to find food sources to survive.

Once cockroaches have successfully entered the home, they can be very difficult to find due to their excellent ability to hide.

The slim, flat cockroaches allow them to sneak into narrow gaps that you find difficult to reach. That’s how cockroaches can survive and breed very quickly in your home.

Read more about some of the cockroaches’ hideaways in the home and get some tips on how to drive them out of their hideaways in this article.

Where do cockroaches like to hide?

Cockroaches choose hideaways not far from their food sources. Because generally, cockroach hideaways are only about 10 feet away from their food source.

Here are the top 5 most common cockroach hideaways in your home, including:

  1. Home appliances
  2. Kitchen or bathroom cabinet
  3. Furniture
  4. Stacks of used paper and cardboard
  5. Water drain

1. Home appliances

household appliances

Cockroaches are common pests in residential areas and are often found hiding behind, under, and in home appliances.

Home appliances like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and microwaves are some of the places cockroaches like to hide when inside your home. This is especially true because these places are warm and moist, making it easy for cockroaches to find food sources.

Small food crumbs under home appliances that often escape the cleaning process turn out to be enough to attract many cockroaches to your home.

How to remove cockroaches hiding on home appliances

Even if your home is clean enough, your home appliances may say something else.

First, all you have to do when you see a cockroach hiding in or around a piece of home appliance is thoroughly clean the unit.

Not only do you clean the unit’s surface, but you must also temporarily move the unit from its initial position to perform the cleaning process on the back and bottom of the home appliances.

Second, regularly clean the bottom and back areas of home appliances using a broom, mop, or vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining food that is commonly trapped and pull cockroaches to hide in home appliances.

2. Kitchen or bathroom cabinet

Have you ever found cockroaches or even cockroaches in a kitchen or bathroom cabinet? If so, then, of course, this is not a strange thing. Because, in fact, cabinets are one of the cockroaches’ favourite hideaways in your home!

Typical cabinets located under the kitchen or bathroom sink are ideal areas for cockroaches to find food sources, water, and harborage.

In addition to being dark and damp because they are commonly passed through by sink pipes, cabinets are often filled with items for cooking or bathing that can be food sources for cockroaches.

How to remove cockroaches hiding in kitchen cabinets or bathrooms

Do you know? Cockroaches are not just interested in eating human food. They are also known to be interested in many other things that are not even human food, such as soap or toothpaste!

Here are some ways you can keep your kitchen cabinets and bathroom from being cockroach-like places to hide:

  • Clean cabinets routinely and regularly
  • Ensure there is no leakage in sink pipes to reduce moisture in cabinets
  • Clean the contents of the items contained in the cabinet to keep them organised 
  • For kitchen cabinets only, it is recommended to store food in an airtight plastic container

3. Furniture


It turns out that not only do you enjoy relaxing on the sofa, but the cockroaches seem to like the softness and warmth of the sofa fabric you have.

Brown-striped cockroaches are one type of cockroach that is often found in nesting areas of the home. Unlike other types of cockroaches in general, brown-striped cockroaches are more interested in hiding in a dry, warm place, such as a sofa.

With its slim, flat body, it is certainly not difficult for cockroaches to slip in between the crevices of the sofa. Besides being warm, they can also easily find food sources from leftovers or crumbs that may be left behind when you enjoy a snack on the living room sofa.

Worse, not only will cockroaches be found hiding in furniture, but they will also leave eggs ready to hatch into young cockroaches or cockroach children in just a few weeks!

How to remove cockroaches hiding in furniture

The best way to prevent your furniture from being a cockroach’s hideaway and where they place eggs is to clean it regularly and thoroughly using the vacuum cleaner.

Make sure that furniture parts, such as the bottom (cold) and difficult parts in the reach, do not get damaged in the cleaning process. This is particularly useful for finding cockroach eggs that may be found in these areas.

4. Stacks of used paper and cardboard

If there are stacks of used paper (newspaper or magazine) and cardboard, it’s not surprising that the dangers of cockroaches are increasing in your home.

Stacks of used cardboard serve as ideal hideaways and breeding grounds for cockroaches. This is especially true because used cardboard is generally placed in remote places and is slightly exposed to human activities, such as in warehouses or home garage areas.

Also, stacks of used paper and cardboard can provide food sources for cockroaches. Even if the cockroach does not have a strong jaw for chewing cardboard, old or wet cardboard or paper is an easy target for cockroaches.

Slowly, this one repulsive insect will destroy and leave unpleasant odours between these used items.

How to remove cockroaches hiding in piles of stacks of used paper and cardboard

Removing all stacks of used paper and cardboard can be very helpful to remove places where cockroaches can hide.

Avoid using used cardboard to store items at home. Also, you can replace the use of cardboard with a large plastic container to store items in a warehouse that is much safer from cockroach attacks at home.

5. Water drain

water drain

One of the reasons why cockroaches are such slanderous insects that they are often associated with dirt is because of the places where they live and breed.

The water drains are one of the cockroaches’ hideaways and their preferred entry into the home. This is where cockroaches find everything they need: enough moisture and food sources.

Because cockroaches are omnivores and opportunistic eaters, any source of organic food available in the sewer is their favorite menu.

If you find a lot of cockroaches coming out or appearing from the drain, the chances are that the little cockroaches you see are American cockroaches. As these types of cockroaches move from sewers to water drains, it is not possible that they can spread pathogens, harmful bacteria, and harmful diseases to humans.

How to remove cockroaches hiding in water drains

One of the best ways to remove cockroaches hiding in water drains is to perform routine drain cleaning activities to prevent blockages.

To close access to the cockroaches in the home, it is strongly recommended to close the water drain using a stainless steel or plastic cover. Also, be sure to always clean the water drain cover at all times so as not to cause blockage and buildup of organic material that is a favorite food for cockroaches.

Remove cockroaches with Rentokil

We understand that finding a lot of cockroaches at home is a nightmare for every homeowner. Not only are cockroaches repulsive, but they also have the potential to carry a number of dangerous diseases for your family members. That’s why getting immediate help from a professional cockroach remover is so important.

In Rentokil, our trained and certified technicians can help you identify cockroach types, access entry points, and hideaways for cockroaches in your home, and remove cockroaches for the long term.

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