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10 Reasons Why Bird Nuisance Has to Be Addressed

  1. These pests and their droppings carry diseases which can spread harmful infection to humans. This includes E. Coli, Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, which causes symptoms such as fever, fatigue, rash and food-borne illness. Besides crow a common bird pest in Indonesia, find out the other common bird species and their habits.
  2. Bird droppings might cause slippery surfaces, resulting in potential slips and falls incidents.
  3. Facility and property damage due to acid erosion resulting from bird droppings.
  4. Unsightly presence and smelly droppings and stains which could turn the environment an unpleasant one.
  5. Brand Image and business reputation at risk as a result of potential accidents, health implications or infrastructure spoilage resulting health and safety implications
  6. May cause panic discomfort, fear, panic and anxiety to some public.
  7. Nesting habits tend to damage walls and structures, smear surfaces with feces and lined with grass and features for breeding purposes, thus, increasing the bird population. Find out some useful bird prevention tips that you can adopt to keep these birds away. However, if the population and nuisance is getting out of hand, it is good to seek professional bird control help.
  8. For some bird species such as crows, they can cause public disturbances with their loud noise
  9. Particularly during breeding periods, some birds may turn aggressive and attack the surrounding public.
  10. Birds seek food such as seeds, grains, water and other available food sources to survive. Avoid feeding or scattering unwanted food source in the public, and encourage harborage opportunity for these flocks of birds.

If you are experiencing some uncontrollable bird infestation that is causing harm or nuisance to your family or employee, engage an expert to conduct professional bird control to managing and controlling the bird population that nuisances you at 150808 or email to [email protected]