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Lumnia Ultimate - Lighting the way in fly control

Lumnia Ultimate is a safe and highly-effective unit with three LED lamps that attract flies, eliminating the risk of secondary infestation by encapsulating flies into an adhesive film that automatically winds on providing a fresh adhesive catch area.

The LED lamps are calibrated to emit ultraviolet light (UV-a) that flies are particularly sensitive to.


Lumnia Ultimate

The Lumnia Ultimate comprises of the following innovative features:

  • The LED lamps offer a further throw that attract flies from further away than standard fly control units that have fluorescent tubes
  • An even greater range to attract flies and use less power simultaneously
  • Suited for high-dependency business environments and general inspection sites

W 547 mm, H 365 mm, D 156 mm

6.6 kg

Lumnia Compact is the latest addition to Rentokil's Lumnia range. It is both a highly effective unit and also at the same time one of the lower energy consumption units in the market.

First generation of Rentokil's Lumnia range - developed with innovative patented LED technology and designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically.

Choose from a range of popular colours to easily complement your brand and interior décor. Lumnia Compact Colour now available in a choice of 4 colours.

Lumnia Slim is the latest addition to Rentokil’s Lumnia range. It’s a highly effective, stylish and discreet electric fly catcher that has been specially designed for customer-facing locations such as cafes, bars, restaurants and reception areas.

Lumnia Suspended is designed to give multi-directional UV-LED fly control solutions for high-dependency businesses that need cover over a large area.

High attraction output LED lamps are optimised for best-in-class fly control catch rates

Units feature purpose-built modes to monitor and control the surrounding environment

Offering several modes that adapt to day and night, saving an average of 61% in energy costs*

The science behind Lumnia

Learn about the research and science behind our new Lumnia fly killers range

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