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Lumnia Slim

One of the most stylish and discreet electric fly catchers for the effective way of controlling flying insects in low risk front of house locations.

Lumnia Slim is the latest addition to Rentokil’s Lumnia range. It’s a highly effective, stylish and discreet electric fly catcher that has been specially designed for customer-facing locations such as cafes, bars, restaurants and reception areas.

The powerful, long life LED lamp within the slender, modern exterior is highly effective at attracting and discreetly capturing flying insects whilst using very little energy. This makes the Lumnia Slim cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Lumnia Compact

Lumnia Slim

Lumnia Slim features a powerful 10W LED fly trap that attracts flying insects, while consuming a very low amount of energy. It traps the insects with a discreet glueboard that covers the insects and prevents insect fragments from being blown out of the unit.

W: 553mm H: 188mm D: 71.8mm

Power supply:
26 - 30V

1.12 kg

Coverage area:
36 square meter

Key benefits

All the great benefits of Lumnia Slim:

  • It's highly effective - It eliminates the nuisance caused by flying insects, attracting them from a much greater distance.
  • It's cost-effective - The long-life LED bulbs use less energy, thereby lowering your running costs and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • It's aesthetically pleasing - It’s an ingenious, stylish design that comes in a range of colours, so it’s now easier to complement your brand and interior colour schemes.
  • It's designed for convenience - It’s a small, discreet, versatile unit that packs a powerful punch, so it can be used in tight spaces, on walls or flat surfaces, and in public areas.
  • It's safe and hygienic - No pesticides are used, insect fragments are avoided and it’s quick and easy to service
  • It provides peace of mind - It complies with legal and health and safety requirements.

Do you have a fly control challenge?

Do you require aesthetically pleasing fly control solutions that don’t look out of place?

Contact Rentokil now at 150808 or fill in the online form for further information about how Lumnia Slim can benefit your business.

Why Rentokil? At Rentokil, we create innovative pest-control solutions that detect, capture or eliminate pests safely and hygienically. Our team of experts will assess your business and facilities to ensure that your Lumnia device is customised to meet your specific fly-control requirements.

Rentokil is the global leader in pest control, bringing an expert, reliable and professional service to commercial and residential customers in 73 countries worldwide.

First generation of Rentokil's Lumnia range - developed with innovative patented LED technology and designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically.

Comprising all the features available in Lumnia Standard, but bigger and more suited for high-dependency business environments and large-scale industrial operations.

Lumnia Compact is the latest addition to Rentokil's Lumnia range. It is both a highly effective unit and also at the same time one of the lower energy consumption units in the market.

Choose from a range of popular colours to easily complement your brand and interior décor. Lumnia Compact Colour now available in a choice of 4 colours.

Lumnia Suspended is designed to give multi-directional UV-LED fly control solutions for high-dependency businesses that need cover over a large area.

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