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Mouse control methods

When it comes to mice, our focus is on managing infestations and helping you avoid these rodents altogether. We know that any rodent problem is a sensitive issue. That’s why our team of mouse control specialists are trained to exercise absolute discretion and cause the least amount of disruption possible when treating your home or business.

123 Knockdown

This three-stage process is designed for mice due to their speedy breeding cycles. The intense service schedules have short intervals to attack the mice problem effectively.

123 Knockdown is suitable for both businesses and homes that wish to get on top of their mouse infestation. The RADAR units are discreet, non-toxic, and humanely dispose of mice using CO2. 

Our mouse control technicians visit your property 3 times to ensure the solution is effectively treating the issue and carry out a pest disinfection treatment at the end to reduce the risk of contamination and diseases.

  • Suitable for both homes and businesses
  • Provides you with a non-toxic mouse control solution
  • Ensures mice have been removed effectively and reduces the risk of contamination and disease.

RADAR Riddance

The RADAR Riddance program involves the use of Rentokil’s innovative RADAR mouse traps to quickly and humanely reduce mouse infestations.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will identify mouse runs and harbourage sites and will then position RADAR units in areas most likely to catch mice.

The RADAR Riddance program has been designed to effectively reduce mouse populations within businesses and homes without the use of toxic rodenticides or glue boards.

RADAR Riddance is a discreet service and is an effective trapping program over the treatment period. It includes:

  • Service is suitable for homes and businesses with heavier infestations.
  • An intense two week trapping program with 6 service visits.
  • Upon collection of RADAR units on the last visit, a thorough Pest Disinfection Service is conducted.

RADAR Connect

RADAR Connect uses Rentokil’s RADAR Unit, but with connected technology provides real time monitoring and alerts. 

RADAR Connect detects, captures, and isolates mice infestations efficiently, hygienically and humanely. Mice are quickly contained and eradicated, using RADAR Connect, which prevents further contamination. 

A RADAR device has two entrances - one at each end of the unit, allowing mice to run along its passageway. When a mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it trips a circuit that immediately closes both entrances. Once the mouse is trapped inside the tightly sealed chamber, the carbon dioxide gas is released. The gas acts extremely rapidly and is widely recognised as a humane method of control. There is no danger of contamination as the mouse remains completely isolated.

Using myRentokil, online reporting and analysis system, all mouse activity is

immediately reported and also alerted

to a local Rentokil Technician. The audit trail is transparent in case of any incident.

  • Suitable for businesses that want peace-of-mind, are meeting strict auditing compliance or have high value assets to protect 
  • Uses the latest pest control technology to monitor and control mice 24/7
  • Humane mouse control method

Dual AutoGate Connect

Utilising a smart gate mechanism, Dual Autogate Connect’s sensors distinguish between rats and mice, and only opening when rodent activity is detected. When the sensor is triggered, the motorised door opens to allow only target rodent species into the station, preventing non-target pests, animals, and unauthorised personnel from accessing the rodent baits.

Dual AutoGate Connect provides you with an effective multi-rodent detection, monitoring and treatment solution, allowing rapid protection and control for rats around the exterior of your property.

As part of our digital pest control family of solutions, it provides you with real-time information on the rodent activity in your business which is accessible via our online reporting and analysis system, myRentokil.

  • For businesses and highly-regulated environments
  • Reduces pesticide impact on the environment
  • Restricts bait access to target rodent species

Mouse proofing

Once a home or business has a mouse infestation, unless the building is securely proofed, the curious nature of rodents and exploratory gnawing will help them find new areas to explore as they move around the building.

Your Rentokil mouse control technician will suggest the right proofing solution for each environment. They will identify areas of mouse access and harbourage, and recommend proofing methods such as sealing entry points, and installing bristle strips.

Our mouse proofing solutions ensure infestations are prevented and remain contained to reduce the risk of new infestations from happening by selecting the right proofing solution for each environment to address inaccessible areas.

  • Suitable for homes and businesses
  • Proofing methods are tailored to your property needs
  • A range of proofing solutions are available to help deny access to mice

Mouse baiting and monitoring

As carriers of bacterial and viral pathogens, mice pose a serious hazard for any home or business.

The most appropriate combination of bait, detection boxes and treatments is tailored for each home or business. 

Monitoring solutions detect any mouse activity inside the structure early. Specific control measures are then only needed in the event of acute infestations.

  • Suitable for homes and businesses
  • Baiting and monitoring is uniquely tailored to your needs
  • A range of solutions available including non-toxic rodent control methods

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