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Fire ant infestations come with various risks and hazards. From property damage to painful bites, health risks, threats to pets and wildlife, and even agricultural impact, fire ants can wreak havoc on your surroundings. But with Rentokil's expertise, you can put an end to these problems.

Ants and termites can often get mistaken for one another. Wrongly identifying one could result in a huge financial burden for homes in Australia.

Learn about the types of termite and the Australian termite species that cause damage. Call Rentokil to book a professional inspection today.

Learn about Australian types of cockroach and cockroach species. Rentokil are specialists in cockroach control and treatments. Local and experienced experts

Find facts and information about common flea species in Australia such as Bird Fleas, Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas.

Learn more about Australian flies. Rentokil are specialists in fly control and treatments.Local & experienced experts.Call for an expert inspection today.

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