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Rentokil Year Round Home Protection

Approved, safe and effective pest control services to help protect you, your family and your home from pest infestations and their associated risks, all year round

Seasons follow a rhythm, and pests march to a similar beat. With the arrival of each season, a variety of pests seek entry into our homes, driven by the quest for warmth (or cool) shelter and food. From the creeping ants of spring to the sneaky rodents of winter, pests show no mercy when it comes to finding harbourage and food sources in your home. This shows the importance of maintaining year-round vigilance in safeguarding your home from pests.

We understand that each season brings unique pest challenges to your doorstep. At Rentokil, we've got you covered with a range of comprehensive residential pest control services tailored to your needs. 

Say goodbye to unwanted house guests and hello to peace of mind - all year round!

Our Residential Services: Your Year-Round Solution

Rentokil Year Round Home Protection provides a variety of pest control management solutions to keep your home free from pests throughout the year. Our services range from one-time pest control treatments to affordable, convenient monthly subscription packages, allowing you to ease the burden of pest management and enjoy continuous protection regardless of the season.

One-Off Pest Services and Termite Inspections

We offer one-off services and solutions aimed at addressing specific pest problems. Our range of services include:

  • Ant, cockroach and spider treatments
  • Mosquito control and management
  • Rodent control solutions
  • Tick and Flea treatments
  • Bee and wasp treatments
  • Textile pest services
  • Termite Inspections and Treatments

Rentokil strongly recommends at least an annual termite inspection to minimise the risk of these highly destructive pests causing significant damage to your home.


Premium Year Round Home Protection Pack

Monthly subscription pack starting from just $2 a day. Save over $180!

  • Two Pest Services per Year, which include:

    Visit 1: Service for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders & Mosquitoes

    Visit 2: Service for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders & Yearly Termite Inspection (winter)
  • One complimentary callout for cockroaches, ants, and spiders


Platinum Year Round Home Protection Pack

Monthly subscription pack starting from just $4 a day. Save over $280!

  • Three Pest Services per year, which include:

    Visit 1: Service for Pests* including Mosquitoes

    Visit 2: Service for Pests* & Yearly Termite Inspection (winter)

    Visit 3: Service for Pests* You call us when you need us!
  • Unlimited callouts covering 35 different pest species - We're always there when you need us.

*Pests = Pest services for Platinum packages cover 35 different pest species. A full list of pest species covered can be found below.


Why Choose Rentokil Year Round Home Protection?

Experienced Technicians

Our experts are highly trained and qualified to handle most types of pest invasions.

Customised Solutions

We tailor our pest control treatments to your specific needs to effectively deal with the unique challenges each season brings.

Year-Round Peace of Mind

With our subscription packages, your home is under protection 365 days a year.

Affordable Plans

Pest control has never been more accessible, with packages starting at just $2* a day.

Emergency Support

Unlimited callouts covering 35 pest species with our Platinum Home Protection Pack, ensuring you're not alone in the battle against pests.

Protect Your Home, Protect Your Family

Your home is your haven, and it deserves the best protection. With Rentokil Year Round Home Protection, you can rest easy knowing that, no matter the season, we're here to keep pests out and your family safe. You aren't just choosing a pest control service – you're opting for year-round peace of mind. 

Our subscription packages provide continuous protection, ensuring your home remains pest-free 365 days a year. 

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