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Mackay pest control

Solving pest problems in Mackay for over 50 years. Licensed award winning pest removal experts. Specialists in the removal of cockroaches spiders and rodents

Rentokil offers a wide range of pest prevention and removal services in Mackay for rodents, cockroaches, termites, spiders and ants.

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Expert pest control near you in Mackay

Where there are pests, there's a Rentokil office not far away to help keep them at bay.

Our Mackay office covers these areas:

  • Mackay
  • Airlie Beach
  • Proserpine
  • Bowen
  • Moranbah 


Our Mackay pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors and specialists offer a wide range of pest prevention and removal services to ensure your home and business is protected and pest-free. We provide effective and safe solutions to treat the majority of pests found in Mackay.

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AEPMA Pest Manager of the Year. Local, accredited pest controllers
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For over 50 years, we have protected properties from pests across Australia
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Pest control services for your home in Mackay

Mackay is home to many of Australia's most common pests including mice, rats, pest birds, fleas, bed bugs ants and cockroaches. In the warmer months, mosquitos can be a particularly common problem, whilst in the cooler months, pests such as rats and mice become a nuisance as they move indoors to seek warmth.

We understand how distressing a pest infestation can be and its far-reaching impact on your home, health and loved ones. Our team of highly skilled and trained service technicians, that are all based in Mackay, offer rapid response and our local customer service team, also based in Mackay, is always here to help.

The Rentokil Mackay team of experienced technicians, surveyors, field biologists, fumigation and bird control specialists are ready to deal with your pest control problems quickly and safely. We offer:

  • Fast, effective pest treatments - targeted and appropriate for your specific pest problem
  • Pest proofing and advice - helping to prevent further infestations
  • Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association/ Pest Manager of the Year 2022

Commercial Pest Control in Mackay

Known for its vibrant coastal location, Mackay has a bustling industrial sector,  Rentokil has been serving the Mackay region with leading proactive pest control services for over 50 years. Our expert team is dedicated to protecting local businesses in the agricultural, food manufacturing, and general business sectors from the risks of pest infestations. We also offer bird control solutions and cutting-edge pest control technology.

Troublesome pests commonly found in Mackay include: Termites | Rats | Mice | Spiders | Ants | Bed bugs | Birds | Flies | Cockroaches

Common pests in Mackay in Spring include: Flies | Mosquitos | Ants | Cockroaches

Pest control prices in Mackay

The price of a pest control service is a frequently asked question and concern for many home and business owners when enlisting professional help to remove a pest from their property. As a range of factors contribute to the price of pest control, we need help to provide you with an accurate price for our pest treatments online. When quoting you for your specific pest problem, the Mackay team will fully assess your problem before giving you a quote. Here are some of the factors which determine the cost of treating a pest infestation:

  • Type of pest
  • Size of infestation
  • Type of treatment
  • Size of property
  • Number of treatments

Mosquito Control in Mackay

The hot and humid weather allows Mosquitos to thrive as they do well in wet, humid conditions. Mosquitos will flourish where stagnant water exists and can be a real nuisance and can in some cases cause serious disease, if not adequately managed.

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Termite Control in Mackay

Termites will affect 1 in 4 Mackay homes and can cause a lot of destruction that can cost Mackay residents thousands of dollars, often not covered by insurance.

Identify termites | How to get rid of termites | Termite prevention top tips

Ant Control in Mackay

Pest ants can be controlled with good food hygiene, sprays, dust and baits. The appropriate method of control will depend on the species of ant. The most common ant found in Mackay homes is the black ant.

Identify ants | How to get rid of ants | Ant prevention top tips

Frequently asked questions

We are with you, every step of the way. If you’ve had a close encounter with a pest you cannot identify or questions about pest treatments, contact Rentokil Mackay or search hundreds of questions from home and business owners just like you.

How much does pest control cost in Mackay?

The cost of pest control in Darling Downs varies according to what type of pest is being addressed, the size of the infestation, the type of treatments, and the number of treatments.

Is it worth getting pest control?

Without a doubt! In Mackay, your technicians are local experts who know the area, live there and are familiar with pest behaviours. When you get pest control, you invest in professional services delivered by these highly qualified and trained technicians.

What time of year is best for pest control?

There is no particular time of year in Darling Downs that is best for pest control services. It's best to focus on preventative methods and book in your pest services regularly. Throughout the year, keep an eye out for any points of access to your home or business and speak to the Experts about appropriate proofing solutions.

How can I prevent rodents at home?

In Darling Downs, rodents are constantly in search for shelter and food. Being proactive and proofing your home is a great start, such as sealing food containers and installing bristle strips. Book in a regular pest control service with your local team to help identify the earliest sign of a rodent problem.

What kind of pests are in my home?

Common pests in Darling Downs include rodents, ants, termites, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches.