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Rentokil cockroach pest control

Cockroaches thrive in urban environments and have become some of the most successful pests in the world. Cockroaches are attracted to surroundings where there is food, moisture and warmth. They feed on a wide range of human foods and organic material such as cardboard, glue, faeces, dead animals and fellow cockroaches. They can pick up diseases from the filth in their environment and readily transmit them onto food and surfaces.

A professional service is one of the most reliable means of cockroach control. Only professional products and solutions are powerful enough to address a cockroach infestation in all stages of their lifecycle. Cockroaches rapidly reproduce, so a small issue can quickly turn into a large problem and concern for your property. With cockroaches, the saying goes, ‘there is never just one’ and we highly recommend contacting Rentokil at the first sign of activity.

Cockroach pest control services

Cockroach inspection & monitoring

Insect monitoring units can support the early detection of cockroaches, enabling you to take quick action and control an infestation at the first sign of cockroach activity.

Cockroach baiting

Cockroach bait is one of the most common methods of cockroach control and is extremely effective in indoor locations such as residential and commercial kitchens, food handling and preparation areas, hotels and hospitals

Once a cockroach has fed on bait, it often returns to the nest to defecate. The insecticide-laden faeces, fluids and the eventual carcass of the infected roach will contain sufficient residual pesticide to kill other cockroaches in the same nesting site. 

Cockroach insecticide spray

Insecticide spray delivers effective treatment of cockroaches while leaving a protective barrier that helps maintain long-lasting cockroach control. Ideal for hard-to-reach cracks and crevices where cockroaches may be harbouring. Toxins in the insecticide not only affect the cockroach that makes contact, but also affects other roaches through secondary transmission by exploiting the cannibalistic nature of cockroaches.

Cockroach insecticide dust

Dusting is an effective method of cockroach control. The transfer of dust onto cockroach exoskeletons creates a cycle of secondary transmission which occurs through direct contact with, or ingestion of, traces of insecticide dispersed in the environment by contaminated cockroaches.

Cockroach fumigation

Cockroach fumigation involves the use of gas insecticides to exterminate cockroaches in a confined space. The fumigation process involves sealing a facility, or part of a facility, where a cockroach infestation is severe. Highly effective for businesses such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Agriculture and Milling, cockroach fumigation generally is applied as an additional treatment to other cockroach control methods when an infestation is at a high level.

Rentokil cockroach pest control procedure

How to prepare for your cockroach treatment

Once you’ve booked in with us, see how you can best prepare for our service visit with the below list of prep steps to ensure effective of cockroaches - and keep them out.are for your cockroach treatment Once you’ve booked in with us, see how you can best prepare for our service visit with the below list of prep steps to ensure effective minimisation of cockroaches.

Rentokil your local cockroach control experts

Voted Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) Pest Manager of the Year 2020, our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and cockroach control solutions for the most effective outcome.

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How much does cockroach control cost?

Your cockroach control costs will ultimately reflect the time and effort it will take to control the problem at your home or business. The below list of factors will affect the price of cockroach control. These include:

  • Size of infestation
  • Type of treatment
  • Size of property
  • Number of treatments

To enable Rentokil to provide you with an accurate price for treating a cockroach infestation, it requires our expert local surveyors to fully understand the extent of the infestation in order for them to recommend and quote for the appropriate treatment.

Cockroach pest control articles

How to prevent cockroaches

Your property could be an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches. There are multiple ways they can gain entry to buildings.

Common cockroach species in Australia

There are around 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide and about 450 species in Australia, but very few are pests.

Signs of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches leave behind signs of their presence that are easy to spot before you are likely to see a live insect.