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Controlling other pests

From weevils to wildlife, we treat a variety of common public health and nuisance pests - and almost everything in between - in both residential and commercial environments.


Rentokil offers professional flea treatments for your home or business, with spray solutions focusing on both the interior and exterior of your property.


Treatment of mosquitoes in various life stages of development help disturb their cycle and reduce the risk of being bitten.


These species thrive in moist, humid environments and provide food for predatory insects. However, over time, they can damage household belongings.

Stink bugs

Rentokil offers professional container and shipping fumigation services for the prevention and management of stink bug infestations.

Stored Product Insects (SPI)

Species of moths, beetles, booklice and weevils that infest a variety of stored products such as grains, cereals, seeds and tobacco.

Textile pests

Treatment of moths and many beetle species such as the Australian carpet beetle and the Black carpet beetle that feed on natural proteins found in textiles of animal origin.


Rentokil offers broadcast spray solutions for the treatment of ticks in yards, exterior surrounds and garden mulch areas.


Safe, effective wasp control and wasp nest removal. All treatments are customised based on maturity and location of the wasp nest.


Sensitive management and deterrence of wildlife such as feral cats, rabbits, foxes and possums under strictly regulated conditions.

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