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Spring clean: Hot spots for pests

Spring is a great time to refresh rooms in your home, air out the house, and clean any grime that has accumulated over the cooler months. Critters may have found their way into your home and you may discover clues of their presence such as cobwebs, nests, burrows and droppings.

Now is the time to use the warmer weather as a stimulant to become active and get around to the jobs that we don’t do regularly and increase our pest prevention methods. A thorough clean will also reduce the risk of transferring bacteria and disease that pests leave behind.

Your own Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Wash windows, skirting boards, door frames and walls
  • Deep clean carpets
  • Book in pest control maintenance
  • Clean under furniture – move large items such as lounges and area rugs
  • Clean kitchen appliances, especially toasters with breadcrumb remn
  • Dust light fixtures and clean grimy light bulbs
  • Eliminate clutter and put away things in their rightful places – sort out garage sale items and those that can be donated or trashed
  • Clean and repair gutters and downspouts
  • Remove cobwebs both inside and outside the home – check outdoor furniture and around windows
  • Dust and vacuum… everything!
  • Shake out and vacuum rugs
  • Clean air vents
  • Book in a termite inspection

To keep pests at bay, here’s a handy guide of pest hot spots around your home


Ants and cockroaches are common in warmer months and are known to infest kitchens with easy access to food and water. They are on the hunt for liquid spills, crumbs and even sticky residue. Pantry pests such as beetlesweevils and moths are attracted to baking ingredients and grain goods. When conducting a spring clean, it’s best to remove items from your kitchen cabinets and pantry and discard any old spices and out-of-date items such as flour and rice.


Cockroaches and silverfish are attracted to moisture and you may spot them in your bathroom. As part of your spring clean regime, wash your shower curtains, clean out draws and cabinets, especially medicine ones if there’s any sticky residue. Eliminate sources of water and check if there are any issues from leaky pipes.

Garage and Shed

Rodents and spiders tend to make themselves at home in garage spaces. There are often dark corners and lots of clutter providing perfect breeding and hiding grounds. Where possible, use plastic storage containers with secure lists as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Keep an eye out for cracks and crevices and seal these during your spring cleaning routine. As a rough guide, if you can poke a pencil through it, small insects and even rodents can gain entry.

Outdoor Spaces

Keep an eye out for any gaps, cracks and entry points for pests. Check for loose mortar or deterioration of wood around your home. Keep your garden and lawn neat and ensure no branches or bushes are located in close proximity to the house – as these attract termites. This includes tree stumps and mulch.

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