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Top 10 house pests

Rentokil are the experts in pest control globally and locally. Our professional services protect your home and family from the damage and associated health risks that come with pest infestations.

For over 85 years, we have been protecting properties from pests across Australia, using innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems quickly and safely.

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers. Rentokil is proud to be a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association [AEPMA].

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

Is there a pest in your house?

Have you sighted a pest in your house? Do you suspect an infestation? Whether it is an insect - like, termites, ants, bed bugs, or cockroaches - or a mammal - like, rodents - you were right to come here for information and advice.

Click on any of the following pest icons below to find out more about the pest that you think you have seen on your property and then give us a call on 1300 307 576. We’ll help you get rid of them and keep your property and family safe.


1 in 4 Australian homes will have termites in their lifetime! They are Australia's most destructive pests with the average damage caused to a home between $7,000 - $8,000 - and it's not covered by most home insurance policies!


House mice are active all year, nesting in warm, quiet places like lofts or cavity walls. They constantly gnaw, damaging furnishings & chewing packaging to access food. Mice are known to spread disease.


Cockroaches like to live in warm homes, kitchens and wall cavities. They often come out after dark, feeding on any type of food and they may carry diseases. Find out about Rentokil's cockroach control services.


Wasps can become a problem in your garden & can enter homes through open windows. Large wasp nests can contain over 25,000 wasps. Nests can be found in lofts, wall cavities, trees, bushes and underground.

Textile pests

Common Clothes Moths can be a real nuisance in the home. They lay sticky eggs on natural clothing. Their white caterpillar larvae do the damage by eating clothes, carpets and upholstery and can be very destructive.


Black Rats are the most common in Australia. Signs of infestation include droppings, smear marks and teeth marks on electric cables, which can be a fire hazard. Rats are also known to spread diseases.

Bed bugs

Contrary to their name, bed bugs can also be found in cracks & crevices. They feed on human blood & are very difficult to control as they spread quickly. Professional services are recommended to get rid of bed bugs in your home.


Ants enter houses in search of food. Ant nests are often located on lawns, in warm, dry soil and under paving - look for finely powdered soil. Ant control services are available from Rentokil to treat ant problems.


Australia has the world’s most deadly spiders, although they can be beneficial around the home in keeping flies and mosquitoes to a minimum. Nevertheless, you don't want them near your home or family if they pose a risk.

Australian house pest FAQs

Can you help with domestic pest infestations?

Call us on 1300 307 576 or fill in this quick form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a visit.

How quickly can you treat my pest problem?

Call us on 1300 307 576 or fill in this quick form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a visit.

Are your technicians properly certified?

Our technicians are the absolute best in the industry, with monthly training on the best technologies and processes with the support of an extensive back-of-house team. Rentokil Australia has professional membership with the AEMPA so you can remain assured that we will banish any pests affecting your property for good.

Which areas do you cover in Australia?

We have offices across the country, from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, to Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania. We are where you are! Call us on 1300 307 576 or fill in this quick form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a visit.

Where are your pest control reviews?

Click here to see the reviews we have for our pest control services in Sydney.

Pest control prices

The price of a professional pest control service is an important question and how much you would need to pay normally depends on a number of variables, such as:

  • Type of pest - The overall pricing the pest control service depends on type of pest which is infesting your premises. The cost of getting rid of ants differs from the price of treating a rodent problem as different solutions are needed to resolve each issue.

  • Size of infestation - The size and extent of a pest infestation in your home or business affects the pest control pricing offered. For example, removing a large, established cockroach infestation will take longer and cost more than treating a small, contained cockroach problem that is treated quickly.

  • Type of treatment - The overall costs of pest control services offered to you will also depend on type of pest control treatment required to eliminate a pest problem. For example, using insecticide sprays to control bed bugs differs from using a chemical free heat pod treatment to eliminate them and the price will reflect the methods and complexity of treatments used. Similarly, the pricing for preventive pest control varies from the cost of corrective and reactive treatments.

  • Size of property - The size of the property plays a part in the cost of a pest control service. The larger the premises, the more time is required to successfully treat a pest problem. This will have an effect on the cost of the treatment needed to eliminate the pest.

  • Number of treatments - Certain types of pests may require multiple treatments for successful control. This can be reflected within the pricing of the pest control service. For example, the price of a ant treatment is less than the cost of a mouse treatment, as getting rid of mice requires multiple visits by our qualified pest controllers to ensure the problem is completely resolved.

When we visit your property, we take these factors into consideration and then confirm how much it will cost.

Pest control services

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