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The Rentokil brands

Rentokil is proud to provide reliable and dependable pest control and pest management services across North America through our portfolio of brands. Throughout the country Rentokil stands behind our brands that provide reliable, on-time, and dependable service for both commercial and residential properties.

Rentokil pest control brands include:


Steritech Logo


Steritech has been providing brand management services since 1995. The company provides service in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces. Steritech joined Rentokil in 2015.


Anderson Logo

Anderson Pest Solutions

Anderson Pest Solutions has been providing environmentally conscious pest control solutions to customers in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin since 1913. Anderson became part of Rentokil in 2015.


Presto-X Logo


Presto-X has been doing business since 1932 and covers the Midwest, Southwest and South Central markets. Presto-X joined Rentokil in 2007.


Oliver Exterminating Services

Oliver Exterminating

Oliver Exterminating Services has been providing residents with quality pest control services since 1956. Centered in Puerto Rico, Oliver became part of the Rentokil family of companies in 2015.


Eradico Logo

Eradico Pest Services

Eradico Pest Services has been providing residents and businesses across the state of Michigan with pest control services for more than 80 years. Eradico became a proud part of the Rentokil family in 2015.

Rentokil Mexico

Rentokil Logo

Rentokil Mexico

A trusted name in pest control in Mexico. The company became part of the Rentokil family in 2011. www.rentokil.mx

Rentokil Canada

Rentokil Logo

Rentokil Canada

Fast, dependable pest control services across Canada, operating in Ontario since 1998. www.rentokil-steritech.ca

Atlantic Pest Solutions

Atlantic Logo

Atlantic Pest Solutions

Since the 1930s Atlantic Pest Solutions have become the trusted name in pest control for Maine and New Hampshire. www.atlanticpestsolutions.net

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies

Eden Logo

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies provides service in the Pacific Northwest. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies joined Rentokil in 2012. www.edenpest.com 


Ambius Logo


A leader in interior design, plant services, and interior landscape in North America. www.ambius.com

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