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Our experienced people

At Rentokil we take great pride in making sure that all of our people are the best and brightest in the pest control industry. Our technicians, entomologists, and professionals are all highly trained and come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their expertise and experience with them to provide you with top notch and high quality pest control services for your home or business. 

The Rentokil specialists are trained using the latest methods such as e-learning, classroom training and field work with coaches and trainers to make sure they are truly experts in the pest control world. Our training is conducted year round and we make sure they are all certified experts in their respective fields. 

Each of our field specialists and technicians are backed by certified and trained entomologists to add an extra layer of support. Our entomologists provide technical support and monitor our methods of treatment, offering new methodology and treatment options so you always know that the most advanced and reliable methods are being used. 

In that way, you can be sure that whether you are dealing with one of our specialists or someone else affiliated with Rentokil are experts and will provide you with reliable advice and treatment options. Each of our professionals takes pride in their work and the services we offer.

Quality and audit standards

  • IFS – International Food Standard
  • BRC – British Retail Consortium
  • AIB – American Institute of Baking
  • GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice (FDA 21 CFR Part 110)
  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point
  • QS - Quality and Safety
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000:2005

Our experts can advise you on the use of appropriate monitoring or non-toxic systems in highly sensitive production and storage areas where the use of poisonous bait for rodent control is not permitted.

Treatment process

Rentokil's certified specialists will provide you with the latest treatments and best advice against future pest infestations.

Pest control services

Learn about commercial pest control solutions and how our trained specialists provide expert insight and exceptional results for today's top brands.

The Rentokil brands

Meet the Rentokil family of pest control companies