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A checklist for keeping rodents out of your restaurant

Many restaurants face constant pressure from mice and rats. In 2020, amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, rodent activity has seen a large increase in major cities across North America. We have also seen more aggressive behavior from these pests due to reduced food supply resulting from building closures. With added pest pressures this year due to the pandemic, the time to prepare for rodent season is now. 

Rodents can carry and spread harmful pathogens wherever they go, such as E. coli and Salmonella, leaving behind droppings and urine as they move about a space. In addition, they can constantly shed fur. Simply by being present in a restaurant, they can contaminate food and surfaces. The mere indication of rodent presence can be enough for health departments to shut a restaurant down. 

Beyond the health impacts, the presence of rodents in a restaurant can lead to product loss. Mice and rats can also chew and destroy wiring, cardboard, equipment, and structures, posing potential safety hazards and creating the need for costly repairs. 

Constant rodent problems can also lead to employee morale issues, customer complaints, and negative media and social media exposure. 

The Rodent Management Checklist for Restaurants

Don’t leave your restaurant brand open to risk. Grab our downloadable 30-point checklist. It provides a guide for actions that you and your employees can take on a daily, weekly, monthly and even semi-annual and annual basis to keep rodents from taking up residence in your restaurant.

Use this checklist as a training guide for your employees during Rodent Awareness Week, taking place from October 18 – 24, 2020 or anytime a reminder is needed about rodent prevention. 

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