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Bird Mites: Pest that cause bug bites in Singapore?

Have you ever come across sudden itches and bites on your body and not knowing what is happening? You may have bird mites at home.

You do not need to have a pet bird at home to come across bird mites. It is possible to have a bird mite infestation when the birds outside roost very nearby to where you live.

Chances for bird mites to get close to humans and to you are high when you realise some birds are building a warm and comfortable nest near your home! The nests could be built on structural gaps in between the roof top, on your window ledges or inside of your air conditioner compressor unit.

Birds in nest

How do we get bird mites bites?

These locations are quite likely the source of the infestation, and the place where these bird mites start to come close to humans. This is because the adult birds and its young would start to leave their nest, leaving a large population of bird mites behind.

Being unable to find a host to feed on, these bird mites start to crawl around and into homes, to bite and feed on humans. The bites from bird mites could be itchy, stinging and leave behind allergy red spots when it injects saliva to draw blood for its feed.

There are many other biting pests out there in sunny tropical Singapore, read here to find out more on What’s bugging you? Identifying common bug bites.

Getting pest control solutions to resolve bird mites problem

It could be frustrating and mentally distressing when you do not know exactly which biting pest is around at home, causing you and your family incessant bites and nasty allergies. We understand this and being the pest control expert in Singapore, we are here to help.

Drop us an online form for the 1st step towards a peace of mind* for you and the family. Book a pest survey with our specialists today at our hotline (65) 6347 8138.

*Solutions for bird mites are subjected to the relevant site survey and professional recommendations.

Bird mites FAQ

What are bird mites?

As their name suggests, bird mites are parasitic pests that seek birds as hosts. They have flat reddish oval-shaped bodies and 8 legs while measuring less than 1 millimetre in length. Being so small, they are often very difficult to spot. They are capable of piercing the host’s skin for blood meal and may infest homes through cross infestation and openings.

Where can I find bird mites in my home?

As bird mites prefer warm conditions, they are most commonly found in air conditioner compressor units, on window ledges and on rooftops. Bird mites typically find their way into your home by travelling on the backs of birds, the above places are usually where birds build their nests in urban areas. As such, if there is a birds’ nest near your home, you may be at risk of bird mites.

Will bird mites spread diseases?

No. While bird mites can bite humans, they do not spread diseases through their bites. However, their bites can cause scratching and redness, which can be painful. In some cases, it may develop into a skin allergy or infection. To reduce their symptoms, their bites should be managed immediately with proper medical treatment.

How do I get rid of bird mites effectively?

If you own a pet bird, ensure they have clean bedding at all times and ask your veterinarian for product recommendations that can prevent mites.

In addition, avoid contact with outdoor birds as much as you can. If you find a birds' nest near your home, do engage a professional pest control service in Singapore as they can remove the nest safely and effectively.

What causes bird mite infestation?

The most common cause of a bird mite infestation is having a bird nest near your home. If you suspect that your home is suffering from a bird mite infestation, it is best to call a professional pest control company as they can identify them easily and offer expert solutions to get rid of them. In addition, avoid using recycled and second-hand furniture that may be infested with mites. Finally, do check if your body or items have mites latching on when you return from outdoors to avoid cross infestation.

Essential facts of bird mites you need to know

  • Most bird mites need blood meal to survive. While they can survive on human blood, it is not enough and they usually die within 3 weeks without a blood meal from a bird.
  • Bird mites are originally grey in colour. Their bodies turn red once they begin their feedings.
  • They belong to the same family as spiders and ticks.
  • Bird mites are often mistaken for bed bugs. One way to differentiate them is to see if they leave fecal droppings. Bed bugs usually leave black spots of fecal droppings while bird mites do not.

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