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Why a Pre-Construction Termite Treatment is not enough?

For most homes, preconstruction termite treatment is a mandatory part of the development project. While the treatment residual effect may last average of 5 years, there are various factors and reasons that explains why a preconstruction termite treatment solely is not enough to ensure long term home protection.

One of which is the credibility and quality of termite control applicator engaged for the project development. For example, carrying out diligent treatment coverage, not missing out possible spaces and ensuring proper treatment preparation according to label instructions and dilution rate.

Secondly, due to cost pressure, some construction businesses may apply cost savings and reduction in the quotation, thus compromising the standards of the service treatment, and impacting the effectiveness of the protection.

Thirdly, cheaper termiticide may be used instead that has gaps in its efficacy level. Instead of a protection of up to 5 years, the residual effect may be reduced and thus putting the property at risk of a termite activity. Some of the efficacy consideration includes the type of active ingredient, its soil binding and mobility effect, the colony management and its mortality transfer effect. As there are many termiticide options in the market, it is important to review the quality standards of the construction firm carrying out the termite treatment for the property.

The surrounding and environmental factors can encourage the availability of food source for termites, such as the presence of wood, moist soil, cellulose, paper and lumber which they are attracted to. Read more on possible hot spots that termites tend to attack and conduct their termite activity within the home.

Subterranean termite treatment drilling is necessary to ensure your home is consistently and adequately protected from potential termite infestation. Damages such as damaged or cracked wall, weaken structure and roof ceilings, mud tubes built on the wall can be prevented to minimise home defects, safety risks and long term heavy renovation investment. Read more on the various post construction termite treatments available that offers the peace of mind assurance to your family.

Depending on the size of the home, type of treatment package and choice of termiticide used, the pest control specialist can recommend a suitable and affordable solution for your home. Inspection is also a critical part of the termite treatment to ensure early detection of any termite activity is identified.

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