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Rentokil Pest Control Singapore- FOOD SAFETY STANDARD SS 590

Rentokil Pest Control Singapore commits role to Food Safety Standard SS 590 -

HACCP based food safety management system; this includes key compliance from processes in production to handling and provision of safe food for consumption.

Rentokil Singapore commits an important role in our clients’ food safety. Food safety is critical to prevent any food contamination to consumers. The HACCP practiced food safety standards include measures for prevention of cross contamination addressing areas in pest control cleaning, sanitising and personal hygiene.

Sales and supply in food chain would be affected if hazard levels are not within acceptable levels leading to non-conformity of local authority regulations.

Pests may cause food poisoning and using pesticide may contaminate food. Rentokil Pest Control Singapore has a critical role in Food Safety Standard SS 590 to ensure food safety by:

  1. Eliminating pest infestation e.g. rodent, cockroach
  2. Safe usage/ application of pesticide

Eliminating pest infestation, e.g. as per below:

  1. Routine pest control maintenance (at least monthly)
  2. Inspection for any sign of pest infestation
  3. Provide recommendation in term of proofing (Exclusion) and housekeeping (Restriction) to prevent pest infestation together
  4. Carry out treatment accordingly

For safe usage/ application of pesticide (Destruction), e.g. as per below:

  1. No toxic bait to be applied within the food premises (F&B/ food factory)
  2. Toxic bait can only be applied at the external premises with tampered proof box
  3. Glue boards to be placed strategically in false ceiling/ underneath food preparations area/ store room, tamper proof box to be used accordingly
  4. No spraying of chemical on food contact surfaces/ on food preparation area
  5. Proper labeling of monitoring stations placed
  6. Securing the monitoring station on ground (food factory)
  7. SDS of the chemical to be provided

With more than 50 years of pest management brand history, Rentokil, Singapore’s leading pest management specialist is dedicated to taking care of our residential, commercial and industrial’s customers’ pest control needs. Rentokil Singapore is committed to deliver a series of innovative solutions that are safe, effective and responsive.

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