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Protecting Your Business and Reputation

Pest in the food and beverage processing industry is a high risk threat because it can cause contamination and damage raw materials in various ways. Besides affecting your stocks, a pest infestation may also result in loss of revenue, customers' trust, fines and even prosecution.

Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimize the risk of pest infestation. By using an Integrated Pest Management approach, Rentokil not only partners with food manufacturers/ processors but with the food supply chains as well to ensure your standards and those of your customers and auditors will not be compromised. 

A comprehensive pest control program must strictly follow a number of guidelines and designed to minimize the risk of adulteration. Thus documentation and reporting are essential to analyze and review your pest management program for auditors to examine, allowing traceability much easier when issues arise.

Explore our site risk area map to discover which pests prefer inhabiting specific area in your premise.

Learn more about our holistic pest risk management that utilizes proactive control methods

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Rentokil offers a range of professional pest fumigation treatments to reduce pest infestation in compliance with health and safety regulations

Why Rentokil?

  • Audit Support - We have in-depth understanding with Philippines' legislative including internal and external audit requirements for the food related industry
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager - Supports multi-site customers to achieve consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact
  • Nationwide Support - With 4 branches throughout the Philippines, we ensure that all your pest control needs are in good hands giving you a complete peace of mind

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Food Legislation

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