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Rats Infestations and Leptospirosis Cases in Malaysia

In the recent years, Leptospirosis cases have increased at an alarming rate and proven to be a major public health concern for fellow Malaysians. A total of 3,665 cases were reported in 2012, an increased of 1397 cases from prior year.

Rat infestations in Malaysia infographic

According to a study done by the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Malaysia, Leptospirosis has been around Malaysia for almost 90 years since it was first diagnosed in 1925.

The Leptospirosis situation in Malaysia indicated that rats were the main carrier, spreading this infectious disease. Bacteria of the Leptospira type is transmitted to humans through contact with the urine of rats or other infected animals, entering through the mouth, nose, eyes or cuts and skin abrasions. Leptospirosis cases will usually peak towards year end during the monsoon season; people are vulnerable to getting infected while wading through monsoon waters which have a high possibility of being contaminated. Rats are also forced to infiltrate our homes because their natural habitats are destroyed by flood waters.

The best way to minimise risk of infection is to prevent rat infestations in your house and its surrounding areas. Take a look at the infographic to learn a thing or two about rats infestations in Malaysia, and educate yourself on the tell-tale signs of their invasion into your lovely home.

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