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Rats Infestations and Leptospirosis Cases in Malaysia

Leptospirosis is proven to be a major public health concern in Malaysia, following its alarming increase in the recent years.

Popular Waterfall Closed Down Due to Leptospirosis

Four teenagers have contracted leptospirosis after visiting the waterfall. Find out more about the news.

Giant Rats and Super Rats - Do They Exist?

Recently, news are filled with stories of giant rats and tales of indestructible super rats. Read on to find out if these rats exist or just another myth.

Myth Busting: DIY Rodent Control

Have you been using DIY rodent solutions because they are easy to use and cheap? But are they really effective? It’s high time you find out!

Be Careful, These Pests Might Invade Your Home In Rainy Seasons!

Malaysia is experiencing the rainy seasons now. Check out these common household pests for your home inspection now.