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Be Careful, These Pests Might Invade Your Home In Rainy Seasons!

We have been experiencing quite heavy rains across Malaysia for the past few days. Besides the dreadful traffic congestion, we are also seeing more pests set to invade our homes. With abundant foods and warm shelter, it's no wonder they would seek refuge under our roofs to survive and of course, to breed.

Common household pests such as mosquitoes, common ants, cockroaches, and rats could potentially be harmful to you and your family. Let us tell you why.


They may be small but they are known to be one of the deadliest animals in the world, even deadlier than the Great White! You may notice a spike in the number of mosquitoes around your house during the rainy season. That's because stagnant water collected in clogged drains, rubbish bins, used tyres, etc. are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Not only does it increase your risks of being exposed to mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus, etc. It also puts your family and community in great danger.

One of the first steps to prevent them is to eliminate their breeding grounds by discarding all stagnant waters in empty containers such as tin cans, pots, and tyres. For an inclusive mosquito control programme, it is always best to contact your local pest experts. 


Did you know? A mosquito only needs water as shallow as 2cm to lay eggs.

Common Ants & Cockroaches

During rainy season, common ants and cockroaches will be flushed out from their habitats. This forces them to look for a new shelter: your home. Your kitchen then becomes a gold mine for them to look for food. Any food lying around will attract the entire colony to feast upon. So, please make sure all food is properly packed in containers and wipe off food debris to prevent these creepy crawlies from coming.


Did you know? Ants leave an invisible pheromone trail to signal others in their colony to follow.


They are highly adaptable and resourceful. Like the common ants and cockroaches, rats are forced to seek new shelters. Not all rats are as cute as the chef rat, there're reasons why rats are frowned upon by homeowners and businesses alike. First, they could cause fire hazards when they gnaw on wire cables. Second, they carry bacteria which cause Leptospirosis and they are also a potential source of allergens from their droppings, saliva, and urine.

To kickstart your rodent control measures, seal off any gaps and holes in any entry points such as roof and pipes to deny them access.


Did you know? If a pencil can slip under a door, so can a rat as it can flatten its rib cage to get under!

With regular housekeeping and sanitation practices, you have already done half the work. The other half is working with an experienced pest expert near you so that these nasty pests can be brought under control. 

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