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Uninvited Travelling Buddies

School’s out and let the vacation begin! But, little did you know, you might also be travelling with some “uninvited guest” if you are unaware of your surroundings. Tourists are increasing rapidly each year thanks to cheap airfares and accommodations. In just December 2017 alone, Malaysia welcomed close to 2.5 million tourists. That means it’s a potential, free all-you-can-eat buffet for bed bugs!

These creepy crawlies will do anything to feast on your blood. That being said, you’ll have a sleepless, living nightmare coming your way. You’ll be scratching these bed bug bites all night long and this can be especially stressful for you when you’re travelling! It can also lead to you having anxiety, stress and even secondary skin infection.

They are hitchhikers that take a lift from humans or even objects. They do not hop, jump or fly, so it’s hard to take notice as they are as small as an apple’s seed. Bed bugs can spread like wildfire during peak seasons. But, what are the main cause for these bed bugs to spread? Let’s find out!

How Bed Bug Spread

Bed bug

Of course, the two main cause for bed bug spread is none other than travelling and second-hand furniture sales.

1) Travelling

Nothing beats having quality time with your loved ones. Bed bugs like to travel around too, except they hitchhike on you when you checkout of your accommodation. Accommodations like hotels, motels or even Airbnb is a huge attraction for bed bug as there is a huge amount of human traffics. If these premises don’t have proper practices in place for bed bug infestation, they can spread throughout the premises. So, when you're unaware of these hitchhikers, they will be coming back home with you. And that will be the beginning of your nightmare that is bed bug infestation. There are also cases in the United States where bed bugs ended at offices too!

2) Second-hand furniture

Second-hand furniture now plays a role in spreading bed bugs. Homeowners tend to think that bed bugs are only discovered in bed. That’s actually a misconception as bed bugs also dwell in furniture like second-hand furniture such as sofa, cabinet, and more. It may be wiser to check for bed bugs thoroughly before purchasing the item. Who knows your home could be the next vacation stop for them?

Bloodmeals they prey

bed bug

So, what happens if you unknowingly bring back these hitchhikers? They'll start building a family of their own and will come for you for food. It is necessary for bed bugs to have their bloodmeals for them to grow and reproduce. Bed bugs LOVE to feed on human blood at night because our body releases carbon dioxide, which tempts them to come out from their hiding spot. It is also because when we are asleep, we don't move as much which makes it easier for them to strike.

Bed bugs feed like mosquitoes as they have extremely sharp and small straw-like mouth that they use to pierce through our skins and feed on our blood. With such a small opening, it takes about three to 15 minutes for them to be full. We also don’t feel it when we are bitten because bed bug’s saliva contains an anticoagulant, which acts as an anaesthetic. When they’re done, that’s when we feel the irritations from the bite.

Even if there were no prey for them to feed on, bed bugs can survive up to 5 months without any bloodmeals. Adult bed bugs tend to survive longer than the younger ones. This will mean they are always there, waiting to prey on you at night. Leaving you, yet again, with more sleepless nights.

What happens when you’re hitchhiked

Travellers bringing back bed bugs from their vacations happens a lot; especially when they're unaware of it. Bed bugs are smart. They hide in tight crevices to avoid being seen.

Rentokil Malaysia

If you ever find any signs of bed bugs in your home, do not treat it alone and get professional help instead. Our pest experts are experienced and licensed with up-to-date pest knowledge to assist you.

Bed Bug Management Programme that provides 3 treatments to treat bed bug problems. With this programme, it not only eliminates your worst nightmares but also targets nymphs and eggs during the treatment period. Thus, reducing the risk of bed bug re-infestation.

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