Where Do Cat Fleas Come From?


Fleas are undeniably become every pet’s owner worst enemy. Cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) are the external parasite commonly found in cats, where the bites can cause discomfort like itchy which slowly can develop to constant allergy symptoms.

Letting your cats go outside will pose a higher risk for them to pick up a flea before coming back into the house. As a result, many cat owners may think that keeping your cat as a house cat is the best way to keep them away from cat fleas infestation.

How do cats get fleas when they don't go outside?

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The possibilities to your indoor cat to get fleas are not as high as outdoor cats, but it doesn't mean it's impossible. Thus, If you think that your indoor cat will immune to the fleas, then you’re wrong!

Your house is not an isolated place and people may get in and out, and all doors and windows open and close at any time. A tiny flea is can still sneak into your house via shoes, clothes and other furry or feathered animals. It doesn’t take long for one flea to turn into thousands and create a real nuisance to you and your cats.

Where can cats get fleas from?

  1. People - Many people do not realize that they could actually be a transport for fleas to enter the house. With the ability to jump vertically up to about 6 inches, it is not a hard thing for fleas to hitch a ride on human clothing or shoes.
  2. Rodents - If you have been facing with a rodent issue from inside the house, this might be the reason you have flea problems too! Rats and/or mice are able to carry fleas that could transmit the plague to pets like cats or dogs and even humans.
  3. Routine vet visit - It's not impossible for your cat to pick up fleas during the vet visit for vaccination or general check-up. No matter how clean is the vet office is, fleas are always one step ahead to find a good place for them to hide!

How to know your cat has fleas?

Watch for the following symptoms to determine if your cat has fleas:

  1. The presence of small bumps and scabs, which often present on cat’s neck and along the back.
  2. It's normal for cats to scratch. But a frantic and intense scratching, especially around the face, can indicate that your cat has fleas.
  3. Skin irritation which commonly located on the back of the neck and around the tail base.
  4. Cats can over-groom themselves if they have fleas. The excessive groom might help cats to soothe the itchiness caused by flea bites.

How to get rid of cat fleas?

Follow these four steps to get rid of cat fleas and to prevent them to coming back:

  1. Vacuum the carpets, rug, sofas and anything around the place where your cat usually sleeps and eats. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag afterwards to ensure there are no surviving fleas could escape back.
  2. Wash and dry your cat's bedding frequently under hot temperatures with soap.
  3. Comb your cat from head to tail several times a day to ensure that its fur is free of adult and egg fleas.
  4. Equip your cat with flea collar to give extra protection for your cat against the fleas.

If fleas problem persists, it is the best time for you to talk with a professional pest control service about how to eliminate this flea problem at your property. Contact Rentokil is the experts in flea control solutions in Indonesia.