How to Prevent Pests Nesting in Your New Furniture?

Menghilangkan genangan air dari properti Anda

Hunting for new furniture during the long holiday season is a must-have activity and should not be missed by any homeowner.

It is simply because during these moments many home furniture stores give special prices that you might never find on a normal days.

While shopping for new furniture at a cheap price would be a pleasurable thing for everyone, there are some things you need to consider in buying it. Mainly to ensure that the new furniture is not only just useful and beautify your home, but also not become a hiding spot for pests living in your home.

Mattress with storage

Bed with storage underneath is the latest model of the most popular mattress. Because of its minimalist design (serves as a bed and cabinet), this model is considered very useful for buyers who have limited space to store goods in the bedroom.

However, bed with storage cabinet would make it difficult for you to do clean-up activities, especially under the mattress. This opportunity is used by pests such as cockroachesants and spiders to hide and nest in a place like this.

Carpet or rug

Carpets or rug with unique pattern surely not only serve as floor coverings, but also as a complementary decoration that can beautify the rooms like in the living room, family room and TV room.

However, this beautiful and soft-colored carpet can be a good spot of the tick nest presence if not regularly cleaned with vacuum cleaner. Especially if you have pets like cats and dogs who like to come to relax with you and your family on the carpet.


Organizing and storing your book collections will be a disaster when you unconsciously also 'collect' hiding pest behind or inside your bookshelves.

Bookshelves are a perfect place for pests such as cockroaches to breed and hide. It is because bookshelves with a solid content will block the access of incoming light as well as present the humidity that are favored by cockroaches.

Simple tips: how to prevent pests nesting in your new furniture

  1. Clean every household furniture routinely by using proper hygiene tools, such as duster and vacuum cleaner
  2. Avoid to block the incoming light source in your home by placing furniture in front of ventilation and windows
  3. Last but not least, do not crowding a room with too many furniture and making it harder to clean up and minimize the appearance of gaps that hard to reach