Mosquito Removal: DIY vs Professional Pest Control


Rainy season is coming, so are mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes certainly a pesky little pest you try to get rid of during the rainy seasons before transmitting a dangerous disease such as dengue fever.

According to the latest data in January 2019 from the Directorate of Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, there were 584 cases of dengue fever based on the reports from 6 provinces and 8 districts / cities).

Mosquitoes benefit a lot from the rainy season, because of two reasons:

  1. Its create a perfect breeding conditions for them
  2. Make them more difficult to eradicate when the rain keep continues

So the questions now: are you going to get rid of mosquito by yourself (DIY) or hire a professional pest control services to help you? Let’s break this down by option to see the differences!

DIY Pest Control Tips

DIY mosquito control methods have few limitations, especially in its effectiveness and efficiency to control mosquito populations.

The best mosquito control works hand in hand together with indoor and outdoor protection along with due diligence in keeping homes free from breeding grounds.

What you can do to prevent mosquitoes from your home:

  • Remove possible breeding grounds, including stagnant water around the home as this gives mosquitoes a place to breed
  • Cover all containers that you use to store water to prevent mosquito larvae in the water
  • After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains
  • Install the anti mosquito window screens on the frames
  • Discard any bulky items within your premises that encourage the rampant breeding of mosquitoes

Professional Mosquito Control

The best way to exterminate mosquitoes is with the help of a pest control professional. Although, DIY mosquito control may seem easier or inexpensive, yet what you actually do with the DIY solutions is only to reduce the risk of mosquito bites, but not to reduce their population in numbers.

A professional mosquito control can offering you targeted treatment, including:

  • Control and reduce the adult mosquito population with water-based fogging solution
  • Control the development of mosquito breeding or larvae in stagnant water with larvicide treatment
  • Install an external mosquito trap to further control the mosquito population from neighbouring sites
  • Install an internal mosquito trap to control indoor mosquitoes entering from windows, doors or gaps

Professional mosquito control help to address the limitations of DIY mosquito control with an integrated solution that is required to combat both indoor and outdoor risks.

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