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How Do I Keep a Restaurant Kitchen Free of Rats?

Food and Beverage, better known by the acronym F&B, is important to the food, hospitality, or restaurant industries. Even in hospitality, F&B is a separate department that plays an important role in supporting the operational continuity of the supply of food and beverage products. 

In addition, the F&B department is tasked with making the selection and preparation of food ingredients, ensuring the taste, quality, and appearance of food are maintained, determining sales prices, and, of course, providing the best service to guests in the service process.

In this process, the kitchen plays an important role. In the kitchen, all raw food ingredients are processed in such a way that they are ready to be served with a high taste and an appealing appearance.

But what happens if it turns out that in the kitchen or restaurant where we do business, there are rats? Various methods have been implemented to prevent the rodent from wandering around the kitchen and restaurant area, from installing a mousetrap to placing rat toxins in every corner of the room.

But have you recently begun to hopelessly have rats in your kitchen, because although you have tried various ways, your kitchen has never been completely free of this one pest? Maybe some of the tips below can help you solve the problem of rats in your restaurant kitchen:

Recognise the presence of rats

Holes and burrows are signs of rat presence. Check the outside and inside areas of your restaurant, especially if the restaurant, especially the kitchen, is located on the ground floor and is only separated by walls from the outside area.

If there is a suspicious hole, it could be a rat hole. Immediately fix and close the hole to prevent the rat from returning to its nest.

Rat droppings and an unpleasant odour can also be signs of rats presence. In addition, pay attention to whether there are footprints and traces of smear rats.

Manage trash properly

Do not allow trash to splash in your restaurant area. Also, make sure that the trash can you have is still fit and properly closed, and if necessary, clean it regularly.

Lifting trash from the kitchen to the dumpster should also be on time, not allowing trash in your restaurant to accumulate for too long.

Clean kitchen and restaurant area

If you want to be free of rats, your restaurant must be completely clean. Clean floors regularly in both the kitchen and dining areas for visitors.

From now on, make sure your kitchen floor is clean, and don’t forget to clean the appliance after cooking and discard any leftover food. Pack leftover foods that are still well used and are located in a safe place away from rats.

Close the rat entry holes

Often unknowingly, there are many rat entry holes in the restaurant building where we do business. These holes are located in the lower cavity of the door, especially the entry access for loading foodstuffs, the cable entry hole on the wall, the window hole, and the paraffin pipe hole.

Please note that rats can pass through holes of 1.2 cm with a flexible spine, so don’t delay too long to check and close potential gaps in your restaurant area.

Tidy up items

Properly arrange items, especially in your kitchen. Clutter conditions are usually common in warehouses where food and canned drinks are stored, and such conditions can provoke the arrival of rats.

Tidy up your items by systematically arranging them. In this way, put the scattered items into the container, and then they are neatly arranged. Stacks of items should not stick to walls; this is to minimise rat motion space and make it easier to monitor movement.

These are some of the tips for preventing rats in the kitchen areas of hotels and restaurants. This tip also applies to small-scale food processing industry actors, as hygiene is an indispensable item for food processing businesses.

But if your kitchen area has been attacked by rats and you remain overwhelmed by it, calling for pest control services can also be one of your options.

You can contact a professional pest control company such as Rentokil at the toll-free number 0 800 1 333 777, or you can also start to consult on rat pest issues in your restaurant kitchen at [email protected].