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How to Get Rid of Insect Pests in the Car?


For some people, especially the millennial generation – private car works more than just the daily transportation modes.

Due to the amount of time wasted in the streets every day, it is very common if private car is also often converted its function into a space where the owners can eat, drinks, rest and even storing all kind of goods.

However, did the car owners realize if some of their bad habits will cause the emergence of insect pests such as ants, mosquitoes and cockroach to lodge in the car?


Do you often snacking and eating foods in the car? If yes, be careful with the consequences! Crumbs foods that you consumed in the car would be the main cause of ants to lodge in your car.

Not only make your cars look dirty and dull, the roaming ants inside your car are certainly makes you feel uncomfortable.

How to get rid of ants in car: if it is difficult for you to stop the snacking habit in the car, then you must clean up your car more with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the scraps of food scattered on your car’s carpet.


Apart from ants, cockroaches are the other insect pest that also able to sneak in to your car because they can sense the leftover food scattered in your car.

Because of its tiny and flat body shapes, cockroaches are also able get in to your car through the car window vents that are not closed tightly.

How to get rid of cockroaches in car: cleaning up cars regularly is the effective and quickest way to get rid of roaches in car that every car owner can do. Ensuring all the window vents are closed tightly all the time is another thing you can do to prevent cockroaches invading your car.


Buzzing and roaming mosquitoes in the car would be a disruption for any car drivers. Even more annoying, mosquitoes are keep wandering and difficult to expel even though you already open the window vents wide. Do you feel you have the same experience with us?

How to get rid of mosquitoes in car: similar to cockroaches, mosquitoes will sneak in to your car through the window vents. Be sure to always close tightly the window vents wherever you park your car.

In advance, stop the habits in rolled down the window vents while driving is also another best way to keep mosquitoes away as well as invading your car.