Get Rid of Bed Bugs: 8 Shocking Facts

  1. Female bed bugs produce eggs after 3 days of mating.
  2. Just a couple of bugs can full blown an infestation over a period of 6 months.
  3. Bed bugs can survive freezing temperatures, which is why they are challenging pests to be treated through DIY solutions. There are integrated and enhance solutions that can eliminate adult bugs and eggs that are safe. It involves both heat treatment and residual spraying at targeted areas.
  4. They are smart in “hide and seek”. They are usually out of sight in daytime, hiding at crevices, box springs, or curtain drapes and out to seek meal at night, while we are sleeping. This is also because they can sense carbon dioxide that is released from humans when we sleep. Find out typical bugs favorite hide out and key risk spots in your home and bedroom.
  5. Bed bugs have anesthetic effect when they bite on us! They feed us when we are sleeping or even when we are awake. This is also reason why the bites are almost painless and we never realize we have been bitten by bugs, and the home is infested! Not sure if your bites are caused by bed bugs, find out more on difference among various pest bugs.
  6. Keeping your home clean, doesn’t meant it will be bug-free. Because bed bugs- are easily transported and spread via cross-infestation (from people to people, or from luggage and furniture). Bed bugs can be present be it in a dirty or clean environment.
  7. Bed bug common targets are humans rather than pets with fur, as humans have more exposed skin area for them to bite and feed. However, pets are also often bitten by ticks and fleas. Find out how to prevent your pets bitten from these pests.
  8. Immature bed bugs, also known as nymphs shed their skin 5 times before reaching maturity! This explains why you will notice shed skins on the bedsheets or sofa. This is also a good indicator of bed bug infestation symptoms. .

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